Kodie claims her family is telling everyone she’s addicted to anti-anxiety medication, and she wishes they would stop. The 20-year-old says she needs the medication to “help her relax and function in life” ever since her grandmother died in front of her and her boyfriend died on top of her.

But Kodie’s family says they believe she is in denial about her addiction and how it’s controlling her life. Her mom, Kim, says Kodie has become a “lazy, depressed, drug addict” who “lounges around and eats all day in her cow pajamas.” Her sister, Kaitlyn, says she believes Kodie is using medication to numb the pain of her losses. They say Kodie was recently arrested after wrecking a car and nearly hitting a group of children crossing the street while driving high. 

Kodie admits that she’s gained 50 pounds in the last six months, has bought the medication on the street and has taken it in excess, but says she wants Dr. Phil’s help to prove she’s not an addict. Don’t miss Dr. Phil’s response!

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