We've all had to deal with them — "The Buttinskys" — the family member who butts in and makes your business his or her own. Dr. Phil speaks with guests who are fed up with an interfering family member.

"My Mother-in-Law Hates Me"
Tammy says her mother-in-law butts into her marriage, her finances, even her sex life, and if things don't change, divorce will be her only option.

See what Dr. Phil has to say.

What happens next for this family?  


Grandma Buttinsky
Natasha says her grandmother Natalie butts in with unsolicited advice, surprise visits and daily phone calls, and she wants her grandma to know that she can take care of herself.

Dr. Phil advises Natasha and Natalie. 


Backseat Driver
Angie admits she's a backseat driver who butts in, screams and even grabs the steering wheel, and it's causing problems in her marriage.



Can she learn to control herself?