How you discipline your children could make or break their self-esteem, so how hard is too hard when it comes to discipline? Dr. Phil talks with parents who feel their spouse disciplines too hard.

Swearing and Yelling
Lito thinks his wife Jill's cursing and yelling is too hard on their children. Jill says she's harsh because she doesn't feel respected as a step-parent.


Will Jill change the way she speaks?



Spanking with a Spatula
Jason wants to bust his wife, Tressa, for using a spatula to spank their daughter. Tressa defends herself saying she uses a spatula because she can't hit hard enough with her hand.


Will Tressa learn other ways to discipline?



Drill Sergeant Dad
Becky says her husband John's drill sergeant ways are terrifying her 5-year-old daughter so much, that she hides from him. John believes kids need to know who's the boss in the house.


Will John give up his military ways?