Stacy and Chris Put to the Test

Dr. Phil reviews the homework that he assigned Chris and Stacy from Relationship Rescue, and gives advice on how they can move forward.
Follow the "Family in Crisis" series.


A Tough Assignment
Chris and Stacy both had failing scores on their Relationship Health Profile. "It's a sad confirmation of what my relationship has been," Chris says.



See how they first met.


A Wake-up Call
Stacy believes that the birth of Bohdan, her child from a recent affair, helped turn her life around. "Chris can thank his lucky stars that Bohdan came into our lives," she says.


Dr. Phil challenges Stacy's beliefs.


Chris' Responsibility
"To share all my failures ... I feel beaten up and worn out," says Chris. "I want to go somewhere and start over."
"You've stopped being a leader," Dr. Phil tells Chris.


Project Status
Dr. Phil asked Stacy and Chris to set daily goals for improving their marriage. He then gives his formula for success in a relationship.


Have Chris and Stacy changed?

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