Dr. Phil checks back in with some of your all-time favorite guests.

Life without Drugs
When Brandon first came on the show, his life was on the line. 

View his first few appearances.

See how he's doing now.



Rod was struggling with his money, his weight and his self-esteem. How's he been doing since his last show?


See how he is now.


"Naked Bandit"
This little guy's favorite outfit was his "birthday suit." And to make matters worse, he wasn't potty trained!

What did Dr. Phil advise?

See how he's doing now.



Back for More
Remember the little girl whose shrieking was heard around the world? Her parents got step one and step two for changing her behavior. Has it worked?



See step three.


"Reformed Control Freak"
Rochelle's controlling behavior made her one of the show's most memorable guests. 

How is she now?



Rod and Meagan
These newlyweds came to the show because their sex drives didn't match. 


See their message for Dr. Phil.


Hoop Dreams
Nine-year-old Justin's big dream is to be in the NBA. His mom brought him to Dr. Phil to convince him school should come first.



See Justin's new attitude.


Inspirational Teen
Alex, 13, read Jay's Ultimate Weight Solution for Teens and made it halfway to his goal of losing 60 pounds.   


How is he doing now?

Project Single Girl
On her first show, Nina wanted to know why she was single. When she came back a year later, she'd met the man of her dreams, but had another question.



See Nina's big news.


Staff Surprise
To thank the staff for their hard work, the office gets a gorgeous makeover, courtesy of Robin and Lowe's Home Improvement.  


See the transformation.



Double platinum artist Meredith Brooks performs her title track from her upcoming album, "Shine." This song captures what the Dr. Phil show is all about. 


Meredith performs live.