Part 2

Four moms who are tired of leading a double life confessed why they live in fear, shame and guilt. See what happened. Now, three more women who have spent years hiding their secret reveal the truth to Dr. Phil.

A mom, grandma and the wife of a police officer, Judy goes to church regularly and does volunteer work. Her secret could land her in jail.

"On the inside I'm in hell."

The secret Deborah hides from her husband and five children could kill her. She says she wants help before it's too late.


"I don't know how to stop."

On the outside, Stacy has a great marriage and a beautiful home. But inside, she's been hiding a painful problem for years.


"I don't want to die."

She knows that drinking two bottles of wine nightly is a problem. Now Holly is ready for recovery.


Day one with Dr. Phil.

A breakthrough.

She's been in a loveless marriage for 24 years, has cheated, and fears losing it all.


The burden she carries.

A severe panic attack.

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