Dr. Phil shares advice for dealing with rude, crude and obnoxious behavior from your family members. 



Who Annoys You?

Before the show, the audience shared stories of their annoying relatives.



See what they had to say.


Double Trouble

Krista and Kim are sisters married to brothers, Erin and Loren, who they say are the most annoying husbands on the planet. They talk loud, pass gas in public and make inappropriate sexual comments. Erin and Loren say their wives need to lighten up.


Dr. Phil turns the tables on Erin and Loren.


Big-Mouth Mom? 

Sara says her mom, Becky, is a loudmouth who talks like a sailor. Karen, Becky's sister, says Becky's language is alienating her from the family. Becky wants everyone just to accept her for who she is — blunt, outgoing and a lot of fun.


Can they come to an agreement?


 Is Becky still a big-mouth?