Summertime is quickly approaching, and that means it's time to squeeze yourself into a bathing suit. If you need to shed some winter weight and slim down before stepping on the sand, learn how to overcome the roadblocks on your weight loss journey.



Bashful in a Bathing Suit

Helen is so self-conscious about her weight and body, she hasn't suited up in decades. She let the Dr. Phil cameras follow her as she tried on bathing suits for the first time in 30 years. Plus, meet four other women in the same boat.


Find out what could be hindering your weight loss.



For Better or Worse?

Julie has lost 165 pounds and is happy with the way she looks. Her husband, Kelly, says she's not skinny enough and shouldn't wear a bathing suit. He's pressuring her to lose another 25 pounds because she made him a promise.


"I need her to be at 150 pounds."



Sabotaging Sisters

Sisters Melissa and Kim challenged one another to lose weight before Melissa's wedding. What started as a friendly rivalry has become a fierce competition. They will stop at nothing not only to win, but to make each other lose.


How far will these sisters go to one-up each other? 



Soon-to-Be Trophy Husband?

Ed wants Dr. Phil to help him kick his ice cream and donut habit in time for his 34th wedding anniversary this summer. He says these sweet foods just call out to him, and he can't resist their lure.


What can Ed easily eliminate to lose 50 pounds?  




At the end of the show, Dr. Phil has giveaways for his guests and the audience. 




See what they get!