There is a right way and a wrong way to make a resolution, and most of these guests are going about it the wrong way: They're pushing their loved one to make a change this year!



Baby Weight

Luca says two months is long enough for his wife, Karen, to lose the 25-pound weight gain from her pregnancy. Karen just had her third cesarean section and says her husband needs to relax and cut her some slack!


Unrealistic expectations? 



"Get Rid of the Beast!"

Elena says her husband, Wade, has been holding on to his loud, stinky beast for far too long, and he needs to "send it to the factory." She says it frightens kids and even the family dog! Wade says he's not getting rid of his sidekick.


A monster in the driveway?



A Timely Problem

Britney says her sorority sister, Sharnetta, has a serious disorder. She is chronically late everywhere she goes, and has even started to make her friends tardy! Sharnetta says she means well, but just loses track of time.


See what happens when it's time for Sharnetta to come to L.A.



"The Chocolate Lady"

Andrea has been happily married for 27 years but admits she's been unable to end her love affair with chocolate. She spends hundreds of dollars a month on chocolate and eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Her husband just doesn't get it.


"Sex does not feel as good as chocolate tastes."



Now or Never?

Inspired by a previous show, Sherry gave her boyfriend, Ricky, an ultimatum: Propose by February, or she's moving on. Ricky says he's not ready to get married and most likely won't be for four or five years.


Should Sherry ditch Ricky in 2007?