Are you and your spouse caught in a never-ending battle over who's right? Dr. Phil's guests are in a standoff over one thing they can't resolve, and they want him to settle their dispute once and for all!



Puppy Love Overload?

Carla admits that her dog, Thomas, is the number one priority in her life. Her husband, Tony, says she's gone way overboard with her affection toward Thomas, and he deserves more attention. 


"If she had to make a choice between me and the dog, it would be the dog."



Who's the Fashion Authority?

Betty allows her 15- and 11-year old daughters to wear short shorts, high heels and thong underwear. Her husband, Richie, says the girls should be covered up in clothes appropriate for their age.


Should Richie get with the times, or has Betty let the girls go too far?



Sports Widow?

Christine says her husband, Kevin, is out five nights a week playing or coaching sports, leaving her home with their 1-year-old son. Kevin says he deserves to get away from the ruckus of a chaotic household.


Will Kevin learn to say no to others and yes to his family?



Flying Solo?

Lisa says it's time for her husband, Erik, to give up his dangerous hobby of flying now that they have three young sons. Erik says flying is his passion, and more people die in car accidents than in small planes.


When Dr. Phil shares a personal story, will it set Lisa at ease?



Over or Under?

The debate continues over an invention that has caused a battle in homes across America since 1857. Which way should the toilet paper roll? 



A solution to satisfy all.