Two Hollywood stars, two incredible sagas that have captivated the nation. Dr. Phil takes you inside the drama surrounding Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears.



Trouble in Paradise

Anna Nicole Smith was a blonde bombshell whose shocking life was eclipsed by her tragic death. The Insider host Pat O'Brien was in the Bahamas with the actress right before she died.


"Can you die from a broken heart?"



A Personal Remembrance

Alex Goen, CEO of TrimSpa, discusses the working relationship he had with Anna Nicole, and the fight over her burial.



"She wanted to be loved so darn badly."



Behind Closed Doors

Anna Nicole's close friend, Frank, says the troubled celebrity spent most of her time in bed. He reveals a startling secret she kept from the world. 


 "Are you saying you think this is what culminated in her death?"



Battle over the Baby

Since Anna Nicole's death, several men have come forward with paternity claims on her daughter, Dannielynn.




Dr. Phil has strong feelings about the baby's future.



Girl Gone Wild

Some argue that Britney Spears' recent behavior – bolting from rehab, shaving her head, and angrily brandishing an umbrella – indicates that the pop star is in a tragic downward spiral. Celebrity photographer Frank Griffin weighs in.


"Once they create the monster, they try to cage the beast."



Closing Thoughts

Dr. Phil wants people to remember the humanity of stars who seem to be careening down a dangerous path.




"When the glam and the glitter subside, these are people."