Dr. Phil follows up with guests who admitted they needed to turn their lives around.



Back From the Edge

It was the show everyone was talking about. Home cameras captured alarming footage of Karen abusing her son while her other children watched. Find out how this family has been doing since Dr. Phil and CPS intervened.


"No more screaming banshee."



Mooch No More?

Regina and Earl say their freeloading son, Derek, was costing them over $2,100 a month! When Dr. Phil sent in his Mooch Squad, Derek crawled out his bedroom window and ran off down the street.


Find out why Derek is conspicuously absent onstage.



Too Good to Be True?

Katie said her husband, Joe, wined and dined her when they were dating, but as soon as they got engaged, he became a huge cheapskate. She told Dr. Phil she would leave him if she had a place to go. 


A wake-up call for Joe?



Still a Suburban Scrooge?

Joyce has absolutely hated Christmas ever since a fight with her husband, Rick, 26 years ago. Her "Bah humbug!" attitude ruined the holidays for everyone in her family. Dr. Phil told Joyce to get over it because it wasn't all about her! 


How were the holidays after their appearance?



Chocoholic Reformed?

Andrea ate chocolate all day long and said nothing made her feel as good as her favorite treat " not even sex! After agreeing to quit her habit, Andrea handed over her chocolate stash and spent over 30 days going cold turkey. 


A coping technique that saved the day.

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