How well do you know your neighbors, your friends and even your child's teacher? It is estimated that four to eight million people in North America are swinging in the suburbs " mostly middle-class folks from all walks of life. Dr. Phil takes you inside the secret world of swingers.



Lifestyle Lovers

Nita and Walter have been swinging for the last 12 years. They say they are happy in their lifestyle, although it causes conflict. What is leading to the tension in their relationship?



"I wanted to be in there and be participating in it."



Refusing to Back Down

Brent has an overwhelming desire to have a threesome with his wife, Renee, and thinks about it every other day. Renee says threesomes are disgusting, and she hates them, but she fears if she refuses to join in, her husband will leave her.


Why does Dr. Phil say this has nothing to do with threesomes?



Other Perspectives

Suzi Parker, author of Sex in the South: Unbuckling the Biblebelt, and viewers share their opinions about the swinging lifestyle.



"Don't be surprised if that prim and proper friend of yours has a stripper pole in her basement."

Extra Content