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          June 08, 2007

          Teen Plastic Surgery

          Last year alone, more than a quarter of a million kids had plastic surgery, and it’s a growing trend. Nineteen-year-old Krystal says she’ll never feel beautiful until she gets breast implants. Her mother, Kristi, and her sister, Katie, have both had plastic surgery — and want even more — but strongly object to Krystal doing it. What does Dr. Phil think? Then, Diana wants her daughter, Bri, to get plastic surgery on her neck, arms, stomach, thighs and breasts — and Bri is only 12 years old. Diana believes it will make Bri prettier and help her fit in among her peers. What message is this sending to Bri? Plus, one teen’s plastic surgery nightmare taught her a valuable lesson — the hard way. She hopes her story will be a warning to other girls before they go under the knife.

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          June 07, 2007

          Backstabbing Sisters

          Backstabbing takes many forms – lying, spreading gossip and fueling nasty rumors. Dr. Phil’s guests say the ultimate betrayal didn’t come from a stranger, but from their own sister! Stacy accuses her younger sibling, Christy, of being a traitor. She says Christy reported her and her husband to Child Protective Services for allegedly having child porn on the family computer! Christy sticks to her story, and vows to help put her sister and brother-in-law in jail. How far will she go? Stacy’s 16-year-old daughter claims her aunt Christy is a liar, and says she’s ruining their family. Can these two sisters overcome the conflict between them, or is their relationship at the point of no return?

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          June 06, 2007

          Big Weight Issues

          Do you ever look in the mirror and think, “How did I get this big”? For Angelique, 28, her compulsive eating is becoming deadly. She is morbidly obese at over 500 pounds, is afraid to go to restaurants because she says she’ll break chairs, has to sleep sitting up, and her mother is raising her daughter because Angelique is too big to care for her. How is Angelique literally poisoning herself? Robert Reames, trainer and nutrition expert, makes a surprise visit to Angelique’s house to clean out her cupboards and get her started on her weight-loss journey. Then, DeeDee weighed 750 pounds when she first appeared on Dr. Phil. It took five men, a van equipped with a special lift, a motorized wheel chair and multiple oxygen tanks to get her to the stage. Have things changed for her, and are her children still trapped in her web of guilt? And, Jennifer lost 162 pounds but was so ashamed of her body because of excess sagging skin, that she could barely look in the mirror. Dr. Phil arranged for her to meet with top Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. Did surgery change Jennifer’s view of herself? If you’re worried that you’re weight is spiraling out of control, don’t miss this show!

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          June 05, 2007

          Cheapskates and Big Spenders

          Do you spend money frivolously, or do you hold on to every cent? Katie says when she and her husband, Joe, were dating, he wined and dined her, but when they got married, he became so cheap that she had to buy her own wedding ring, and he refused to take her on a honeymoon. When Katie lost over 40 pounds and wanted to buy clothes that fit, she says Joe told her to just gain the weight back. Joe says he has to control all of Katie’s spending, or they would end up in the poorhouse. Is Joe really the penny-pincher Katie says he is, or is Katie’s spending the real problem? Next, Ericka says her friend, Carlena, has “caviar taste with a tuna fish budget,” and that if she doesn’t learn to control her shopaholic ways, she’ll end up on the street. Carlena says she deserves everything she buys — designer clothes, over 100 pairs of shoes, and the TV in her car — even if she can’t afford them. Carlena’s spending has gotten so bad, she had to move back home with her mother, Leonetta. Leonetta joins the show via satellite with all of Carlena’s possessions on her lawn. Don’t miss her shocking ultimatum to her daughter!

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          June 04, 2007

          In-Laws: Dirty Secrets Exposed

          It’s often said that parents find true happiness when their child finds true love. But what happens when a mother suspects that her child may be sleeping with the enemy? Gerri fears that her son-in-law, Alan, is such a danger to her daughter, Melissa, and her grandchildren, that he may kill them. She claims Alan is molesting his 3-year-old daughter, and that Melissa is in denial. Gerri says she had no choice but to call family services. Alan and Melissa are outraged by the accusations and say Gerri is out to destroy their marriage. Alan maintains his innocence, and Melissa stands by his side. Could Gerri’s guilt as a parent be causing her to make these serious allegations? Alan takes a grueling three-hour lie detector test to prove his innocence. Who will be the one apologizing when Dr. Phil reveals the results? Is Alan a monster or the victim of a malicious mother-in-law?

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          June 01, 2007

          Home Wreckers

          Dr. Phil’s guests say they have a home wrecker in their life who has destroyed their marriage. Lisa says her five-month marriage to Sean is already in shambles because of his ex-wife, Kristy. Lisa says Kristy makes hateful phone calls, physical threats and frequent attempts to steal Sean away from her. Kristy says she doesn’t want Sean back; she just wants him to be a good father to their kids. Then, Sherry says her daughter, Tammy, talked her into divorcing her husband, J.R. Now, Sherry wants to re-marry J.R., but both her daughters are making her choose between them or him. Tammy and her sister say that J.R. controls their mother and they won’t support this reunion. Is Sherry making a big mistake, or are her daughters manipulating her? Dr. Phil weighs in on how much influence other people should have in your marriage and your life.

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          May 31, 2007

          "I Hate This Marriage"

          With a 50 percent divorce rate in America, do people getting married think that signing on the line will make their relationship better? Karrie’s husband of 10 years, Ben, cheated on her with an ex-girlfriend and is so obsessed with strippers and pornography that he has lost jobs and dragged them into thousands of dollars of debt. Ben admits to being a sex addict, but says he doesn’t know how to stop acting out. Is Ben the only one to blame for their crumbling marriage, or did Karrie set up their union for disaster? Then, Sean and Defina have only been married for two months, but she has already caught him cheating twice. She is now consumed with checking his cell phone, looking in his car and even smelling his pants to see if he’s been with another woman. Is Sean ready to make a change, or should Defina get out now? Can these couples learn to love their spouses and be happy in their marriages?

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          May 30, 2007

          Ask the Authors

          Dr. Phil, along with authors Nancy Davis, Mitch Albom and Dr. Dan Siegel, share their secrets for living without regret and finding true happiness even when faced with a challenge. When you get married, it’s ‘’til death do us part, in sickness and in health,’ but what if all of a sudden your spouse is diagnosed with an illness? When Nicole found out she had a debilitating disease, she accepted her fate and learned to adapt. Her husband, Sal, has had a difficult time coming to terms with his younger wife’s diagnosis. He says he wants to be supportive and help out, but is he really contributing to Nicole’s declining health? Nancy Davis, who has Multiple Sclerosis, shares her advice for helping this couple heal their marriage. Next, do you find yourself screaming, yelling and cussing with your teenager? Dana says her daughter, Whitney, changed overnight. Her grades went down, she started missing curfew, and she’s been caught drinking and smoking. Dr. Dan Siegel shares the secrets for communicating with children and putting an end to the constant fighting. And, chances are you’ve read one of his nine best-selling books, seen one of his two critically-acclaimed films or tuned into his weekly radio program. Author Mitch Albom discusses his latest novel, For One More Day. Hear the story of a Dr. Phil viewer whose life changed after she read the book. Plus, Dr. Phil gives a previous guest a surprise that makes her already sunny smile shine even brighter!

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          May 29, 2007

          Family on Fire: House Intervention, Part 4

          After all their hard work, the latest Dr. Phil Family receives some surprises from Dr. Phil! He informs Melissa that everything she needs to get her life back on track is headed her way: a complete health evaluation, personal trainer, nutritionist, and food service delivered to her door. In addition, she’ll receive help for her depression and be connected with a developmental disabilities specialist for her autistic son. But it all comes with a condition: Melissa and Randy need to heal their toxic relationship. Then, a talk with Myra and Gene leads to a tearful apology. And, will a one-on-one with Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin, help Myra see that she deserves to be treated with dignity and respect? Will Myra set some standards in her broken marriage? Will there even be a marriage to speak of when they get home? Dr. Phil has some strong words for Gene. Next, a once in a lifetime opportunity pits brother against brother as Edwin and Eugene audition for a Hollywood talent agent and a casting director. Don’t miss the surprising twist when they get a call from the judges. Then, it’s time to switch gears – literally! Since Myra and Melissa never learned to drive, Dr. Phil sets them up with a driving lesson so they can become more independent. And you won’t believe the prize in store for the women if they pass their driver’s test! Dr. Phil sits down with the entire family one last time. Will they use the tools he gave them to build healthier relationships?

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          May 28, 2007

          A Dr. Phil Family on Fire: House Intervention, Part 3

          Dr. Phil continues his work with The Dr. Phil Family, an out of control, angry group with a long history of infidelities, betrayals and bitter resentments. Melissa’s boyfriend, Randy, joins the family at The Dr. Phil House, but Gene and Myra are not happy to see him. They think that Randy is a liar and a thief, and the reason Melissa has gained about 100 pounds in the last five years. Gene and Myra attempt to talk to Melissa about her weight, but Melissa is anything but receptive. Then, because they often blame each other for the chaos in the family, Melissa and Gene are assigned to bury the hatchet long enough to cook a family dinner together, without help from anyone else. Do you think this family can follow the rules? After dinner, a family meeting turns heated with accusations and tearful confessions. Dr. Phil joins the family and confronts Melissa and Randy about their sometimes violent relationship and Melissa’s mismanagement of her health. Can this couple create a nurturing relationship for the sake of their autistic child? Will Melissa do what it takes to gain control over her weight?

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          August 30, 2007

          Step Monster

          Cinderella and Snow White are fables of women with wicked stepmothers, but what happens when your child’s life starts to resemble those fairy tales? Keri says she’s sickened by the way her ex-husband, Ken’s, fiancée treats her children. Keri says that Cari buys her kids cheap clothes, and is so strict that Keri’s kids become physically ill when they have to go visit. Ken says his ex-wife is using their children as pawns in her twisted game. Is Keri just jealous of Ken’s new life? What’s really at the core of their tug-of-war? Then, Julie says her 8-year-old son, Erik’s, stepmother, Melony, is trying to take over her motherly duties. Melony and her husband, Scott, say they have to intervene because Julie is an unfit mother. The couple says last Christmas, Erik came over to their house with what looked like cigarette burns on his body. Julie denies this, saying her son was burned by holiday lights. Is Scott and Melony’s allegation of physical abuse founded, or are they trying to make Julie look like an unfit mother? If you’re a stepparent or about to become one, don’t miss this gripping show!

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          August 28, 2007

          "Who Am I?"

          What if everything you thought you knew about yourself was a lie? Today’s guests are real-life unsolved mysteries. First, Savannah, 27, has never known her biological mother and has always felt incomplete. She says her mother, Peggy, vanished when she and her sister were very young, and she’s always wondered why her mom never tried to find them. Dr. Phil reunites Savannah with her mystery mother for the first time in over 20 years. He attempts to get to the bottom of why Peggy left her children and moved on to form another family, but Peggy says it wasn’t all her fault. Can this mother and daughter forgive, forget and start over? Next, George, 38, recently found out his family’s secret: the man he knew as his father was not his biological father. His mother was the only one with the answer to who his father was, but she died two years ago and took the truth to her grave. Now George is left wondering if there is a man out there who doesn’t even know he has a son and grandchildren. Then, when her mother passed away eight years ago, Rena, 18, learned that her birth certificate was fake, her Social Security number belonged to someone else, and she didn’t exist anywhere on paper. Without an identity, Rena says her life is on hold. She can’t get financial aid for college, she can’t get a driver’s license, and she can’t travel out of the country. Dr. Phil has an exciting surprise for Rena.

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          May 23, 2007

          Secret Love: The Aftermath

          It was the affair that rocked the message boards. Bettie says her husband, John, destroyed her trust when he had a six-month relationship with her sister, Molly — an affair that occurred under Bettie’s own roof! John and Bettie are back, and now they find themselves involved in a family feud. Bettie says her relationship with her mom, Virginia, has been strained since they last appeared on the show. Bettie says she feels a lot of resentment toward her mother for protecting Molly while Molly was having an affair with John. Bettie and John are trying to heal their relationship and move on, but they say Virginia keeps interfering by calling their kids to pump them for information about their marriage. Now, Bettie doesn’t want her children to see or speak to Virginia until they turn 18. Plus, find out what makes Virginia storm offstage. Can Virginia be a positive part of John and Bettie’s life, or should she stay out for good?

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          May 22, 2007

          The True Life of Marcia Brady

          Every teenage girl wanted to be her and every teenage boy wanted to date her. With her signature perfectly brushed long hair, Marcia Brady, of the hit early 1970s TV show The Brady Bunch, epitomized the wholesome American girl. But the true life of Marcia Brady, whose real name is Maureen McCormick, is far from the world of lighthearted blended-family conflicts that played out on the sitcom in which she starred. Today she is embroiled in a family battle where brother is pitted against brother and father against daughter. Maureen believes her brother, Kevin, has literally brainwashed her father to alienate him from Maureen and the rest of her family, including his grandchildren. She comes to Dr. Phil desperate for help to save her family. First up, Maureen confronts her father and brother for the first time in two years, and even Dr. Phil is shocked by the outcome. Then Dr. Phil sits down with Maureen and her brother, Michael, to try and make sense of the conflict. Plus, Maureen’s father and brother, Kevin, make some shocking accusations of their own. If this group must somehow form a family, then why was its most famous member threatened with a restraining order?

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          August 24, 2007

          "Make My Kid a Star " Part 3"

          Dr. Phil’s child star competition heats up! Seven kids with stars in their eyes face the final leg of the competition in The Dr. Phil House, but do their mothers unwittingly sabotage their chances? After speaking with Veronica, Kiki and Larissa about how they could be a liability to their child’s success, Dr. Phil turns to Kim and Susan. Playing a video clip of Kim’s daughter, Alaina, in an interview, Dr. Phil points out the pressure and stress that she feels and how it may affect her performance in school. Then, Dr. Phil shows a video of Susan assisting her daughter, Meagan, during the dance rehearsals. In the video, Meagan struggles under her demands. Will these mothers adjust their behavior and take on a healthy, supportive role in their child’s career? Then, it’s time for the final talent show! Each child performs on the Dr. Phil stage, in front of his studio audience and a panel of Hollywood’s top talent agents, managers and casting directors, who decide the grand-prize winner. The children receive fabulous prizes for their hard work, but they mean little to one upset mother. Don’t miss the exciting conclusion as the ultimate winner receives amazing opportunities to help launch his/her showbiz career!

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          May 18, 2007

          A Dr. Phil Prime Time Special: Caged

          Dr. Phil goes inside the horrifying story of a 9-year-old boy who was allegedly held prisoner in his own home for three years. His father, Randall Piercy, is behind bars, charged with torturing his little son and locking him away from the rest of the world. Piercy says he’s a loving father, wrongly accused, but authorities found the boy in deplorable conditions: he was sitting on his bed in his underwear, his window was covered with paper, the light switch was taped over, and a soda bottle on the floor was filled with urine. Dr. Phil takes a firsthand look at the conditions the boy was living in, then sits down for a face-to-face interview with the alleged abuser and asks some hard questions. Piercy has two older sons, Josh and Jacob, who offer two widely divergent accounts of what went on in the family home. When the father and both sons are asked to take a lie detector test, who appears to be telling the truth, and who declines to submit to the test at all? Is justice served with Piercy behind bars, or is this a simple case of an overprotective father taking measures to protect his son? Tune in, and decide for yourself.

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          August 14, 2007

          Meddling Moms

          They track your every move and monitor your conversations. This sounds like the latest GPS locator, but they’re actually meddling moms! Audrey says her mother, Mary, is rude, manipulative and trying to destroy her marriage. She says Mary calls her up to 10 times a day, telling her how to raise her kids and how to handle her husband, Matt. Matt says his mother-in-law constantly criticizes him, calling him names like “fat” and “lazy,” and saying he’s not a good provider. Audrey says the situation is so bad, she’s thinking of moving away just to find some serenity. Mary wants to butt out of Audrey’s business but says her daughter keeps putting her in the middle. Will mother and daughter ever see eye to eye? Then, Debbie says she wants her 24-year-old daughter, Amy, to get a job and get out of her house. She says Amy is a lazy slob who sleeps all day while other people care for her four children. Debbie and her husband, Dave, say they’ve spent over $70,000 on Amy in the last two years, and it’s time for her to support her own family. Amy says her mom is overbearing and always on her case – telling her when to go to bed and how to raise her children. Can Dave and Debbie restore peace in their marriage and home without damaging their relationship with Amy?

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          August 21, 2007

          Anatomy of Abuse

          What would you do if your spouse belittled you and threatened your life? For women who have ever endured verbal, physical or emotional abuse in a relationship, Dr. Phil helps break the silence. Amy says her husband, Lee, is volatile and dangerous. She says he has choked and kicked her, and even held a knife to her throat! Lee’s mother, Sandy, says Amy and Lee argue constantly, but they’ve never been physical. How does she react when Dr. Phil plays a tape of Lee confessing his abusive ways? Then, Amy’s parents, Cynthia and Stan, fear for their daughter’s life and don’t think she’s providing a safe environment for her kids. Amy says she loves her husband and wants her folks to butt out. What does Dr. Phil think? And, Lee joins the show via satellite because he’s on probation for a domestic violence charge, and cannot leave the state. He admits to having anger issues but says he’s working to control them. Can Lee change his violent ways? Is it possible to rebound from being with an abuser? Don’t miss this important show!

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          August 23, 2007

          "Make My Kid a Star " Part 2"

          Dr. Phil’s child star competition continues! Seven talented kids compete against each other in The Dr. Phil House while auditioning for some of Hollywood’s most esteemed child talent agents. But the true test is to see if their mothers can handle the stress of coaching their kids without ruining their chances to be noticed. Big prizes are at stake, including the ultimate opportunity to become an established child actor in Hollywood. Eleven-year-old Gracie has won the photo challenge and the dance audition, but some of the competitors wonder if the competition is rigged. Today, three more auditions take place, and the judges pull no punches. One child breaks down in tears, but is it the judges’ criticism or the pressure from her own mother that is the cause? Dr. Phil meets with the moms alone and questions their motives for pushing their children, including a harsh criticism of one mom who the talent agents think presents her child in a provocative way. Tempers flare as moms grow desperate. Can Dr. Phil teach them how to become an asset to their children instead of a liability? Don’t forget to vote for which child you think has the talent on!

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          August 22, 2007

          The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star"

          Do you think your child is destined to be a star? Are you spending your life savings trying to get him or her in the spotlight? Has your life become a non-stop rollercoaster of auditions, rejections, lessons, rehearsals, costumes, headshots and agents? The business is cutthroat and competitive, yet thousands of families set out for Hollywood every year believing their child is the next Dakota Fanning. Dr. Phil helps some wannabe child stars get noticed, and at the same time, takes a behind-the-scenes look at stage moms in the throes of battle. Seven talented kids get big-time opportunities in The Dr. Phil House auditioning for some of Hollywood’s most esteemed child talent agents. But the true test is to see if their mothers can handle the heat, the competition, the stress of it all, without becoming a stereotypical backstabbing stage mom. How will the kids perform after being coached by their moms? Will the mother/child teams work well together, or flounder under the pressure? Do these seven kids really have what it takes? Big prizes are at stake, such as free rent during pilot season, a Hollywood agent and a $25,000 scholarship. Follow the sweet success and the crushing heartbreak in Dr. Phil’s three-part talent competition, and then log on to to vote for who you think should win!

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