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          August 10, 2007

          Wrongful Punishment

          Fistfights in the living room, black eyes, stitches, a father punching a 17-year-old, a mother wrestling a 15-year-old to the floor … What do you do when you have no control over your teenager? Parents face off against teens in what Dr. Phil calls “one of the most disgusting displays of bad behavior on both sides that I have seen in years.” Brenda and Jim are constantly at war with Brenda’s three sons, Koltin, 17; and twins Austin and Dustin, 15. They say the teens have punched holes in the walls, physically attacked their stepfather and left home for days at a time! Brenda and Jim disagree on how to discipline their out-of-control teens and are even headed toward divorce because of it. How can they save the boys and their marriage? Then, meet a judge who believes creative punishments have the most impact. Judge Cicconetti doles out punishments that cause embarrassment and teach a lesson, such as making a teenager who stole a pornographic video sit blindfolded outside the store with a sign that reads “See no evil.” Opponents say creative punishments are abusive and cause more harm than good. What does Dr. Phil think?

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          August 09, 2007

          Overweight and Forgotten

          Dr. Phil speaks with women who say they feel forgotten by their loved ones because of their excessive weight. Lorna weighs 650-plus pounds and feels abandoned by her family. Lorna’s sister, Glenice, says Lorna got herself into this situation; now she has to take responsibility and get herself out. Lorna’s boyfriend, Blair, takes care of her, but Glenice says he’s not the Mr. Nice Guy he appears to be. She says he’s really an abuser. Lorna says Blair is exhausted and stressed from the hard job of caring for her, and her family needs to help rather than drive him away. Is Lorna ready to stop accepting the abuse and start accepting help? Then, Sunni weighs almost 300 pounds and wants to pursue her dream of being a plus-size model. Her boyfriend, Christian, however, says she’s too fat for the runway, and she should leave that dream to the skinny girls. Sunni says she is big and fabulous, but Christian makes her feel like she should crawl under a rock. Will Sunni be forced to pick between her relationship and her dream? Dr. Phil has some surprises for Sunni.

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          August 08, 2007

          Weddings Gone Bad

          Drunken fistfights, motorcycle accidents and police helicopters hovering above … not exactly the building blocks of an ideal wedding. Today’s guests say their perfect day was anything but! From nightmare weather to emergency room visits, these weddings went horribly wrong, and the newlyweds say their marriages are suffering because they can’t get past the painful memories. Nicole says she and her husband-to-be, T.J., promised each other to abstain from alcohol prior to their wedding ceremony, but T.J. broke that promise and got so drunk, he could barely recite his vows! Their special day went from bad to worse when T.J. turned violent, and the police were called. T.J. says he’s apologized enough, and it’s time for Nicole to forgive and forget. Then, Paul and Monica say many things went wrong on their wedding day, but the worst was when they rode off on a motorcycle, only to crash as they turned the corner. They’ve been married for five years and say their wedding calamity set off a curse, dooming them forever. What does Dr. Phil think? How can these couples say “I do” to a brighter future?

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          August 07, 2007

          Torn between Two Husbands

          Is it possible to be in love with two men at the same time? Orlena is desperate for help. She says she still has feelings for her ex-husband, Chad, and she adores her current husband, Brent. Chad is a soldier and when duty called, he fought in Iraq. He returned home a changed man and their love shattered forever. What changed Chad, and what caused Orlena to leave him? Devastated and heartbroken, Orlena moved on and into the arms of Brent. Two months after marrying Brent, Chad called and begged Orlena to come back. Find out Brent’s strong message for Chad. Since Chad made initial contact with Orlena, they have talked numerous times, and he even spent three days visiting her. What has she been saying to Chad, and are the chats appropriate for a married woman to have? And, will Orlena honor her commitment to Brent or return to the man who broke her heart? Don’t miss this heart-wrenching story of a woman torn between two wonderful men.

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          August 06, 2007

          The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp, Part 5

          Three couples trying to save their marriages continue their work at The Dr. Phil House. Throughout their relationship, Scott and Tara have had violent fights that have included slashed tires and police visits. Dr. Phil sits down with Scott to discuss how he can control his anger problem and set up personal boundaries that put an end to the fighting with his wife. Afterward, Scott feels confident enough to vow to Tara that he is never going to yell at her again. Will he stick by his declaration? Then, Dr. Phil puts the group through some intense exercises, so they can learn their partner’s point of view. As each person stands before their housemates and explains what he or she really wants, raw emotions pour out, and the couples find themselves growing closer with compassionate support. Plus, Dr. Phil teaches them his rules for fighting and his rules for children. After seeing a videotape of all their kids, the message is loud and clear. Will the couples apply what they’ve learned and change their families forever?

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          August 03, 2007

          Caught in the Act

          Do you live on the edge without thinking about the consequences? Dr. Phil’s first guest made headlines across America. Crowned Miss Nevada in October 2006, Katie Rees was dethroned two months later when pictures of her in compromising positions surfaced. Why does she say her punishment was unfair? Then, David admits that he used to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night to have sex with another woman while his wife, Sara, slept. He got away with it for a while, until Sara woke up and went knocking on the other woman’s door, catching David with his pants down. Should Sara give David another chance, or is David not ready to make a change? Dr. Phil has some tough questions for him. And, Kendra, 26, has been shoplifting since she was 9 years old. She’s been to jail once and is currently on probation, but says she just can’t stop stealing. You won’t believe who taught her how to do this! Dr. Phil has a strong warning for this mother of three.

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          August 02, 2007

          Explosive Anger and Its Aftermath

          Do you know a happy person who, if crossed, will explode in an instant with uncontrollable rage? Intermittent Explosive Disorder may explain why Dr. Phil’s guests suddenly lose their temper, break things and even hurt other people. Carrie lives with constant uncertainty. She says her husband, Bob, can be totally calm one minute and be fist-fighting the next. He yells and curses at her, flips off other drivers and hit another man so hard it knocked his eye out; an act of violence that landed him in prison. Where does Bob’s anger come from? After Dr. Phil shows Carrie and Bob a video of a previous guest, will Carrie decide to leave the anger prison she’s been living in? Then, Traci says her 17-year-old daughter, Melinda, is tearing their family apart. In a matter of seconds, she can go from being a loving daughter and sibling, to throwing blenders and threatening her sister’s life, for no apparent reason. Melinda says she’s so full of anger that when she gets upset, she feels like she’s going to explode. Do her mother and sister deserve the treatment they’re getting, or is there something much deeper underlying Melinda’s rage?

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          August 01, 2007

          Know-It-All In-Laws

          In-laws can be the kind who give unwanted advice, stop by unexpectedly and use guilt and manipulation to get what they want. But sometimes, they are loving parents who get caught in the middle of their child’s relationship. Amanda calls her mother-in-law, Yolande, psychotic, controlling and meddling. She says Yolande speaks to her son, Pierre, in French so she can hide the hurtful words she’s using about Amanda. Yolande says Amanda is a drunk, and an uneducated woman who is wrecking her son’s life. Why does Pierre say he can’t choose a side? To test Amanda’s theory of why Yolande and Pierre speak French to each other, Dr. Phil sets up a special dinner for the three of them. Be a fly on the wall, and find out if Amanda’s right or just being paranoid. And, John and Chrissy’s engagement is on hold because they say they can’t stop fighting. They hit and slap each other, and call each other vulgar names — often in front of their 8-month-old son. John’s mom, Charlene, who is often pulled into their fights, says they both need to grow up! After watching themselves scream and yell on tape, will this couple decide to drop their fists, close their mouths and work to make a peaceful home for their baby?

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          July 31, 2007

          Big Love

          The media bombard the public with images of stick-thin bodies, but not all men prefer these types of women. Self-proclaimed “Chubby Chasers” love their women curvy, round and voluptuous. Clayton says he likes the rolls on his wife, Cheryl’s, 300-pound body, and he loves to watch her butt jiggle. Cheryl says that she wants to lose weight but fears that if she does, she might also lose her marriage. Does Clayton sabotage Cheryl to keep her overweight? Dr. Phil has a plan to get them both what they want. Then, Phillip says he prefers to date women who are at least 250 pounds. His twin brother, Paul, says he’s disgusted by the plus-size women, and his brother is embarrassing the family. He even makes fun of Phillip’s dates when he brings one home, calling her fat and stinky. Can these brothers find a middle ground? And, go inside a nightclub that caters to big women and the men who can’t get enough of them!

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          July 30, 2007

          The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp, Part 4

          Dr. Phil continues his work with three couples on the verge of ending their marriages. Cherie’s mom, Joan, comes to The Dr. Phil House to talk with her daughter and son-in-law. She meets one on one with John, while Cherie watches their conversation from another room. John promises Joan he will work hard to change his abusive behavior toward his wife, but Cherie doesn’t feel he’s being sincere. What makes John so angry that he calls his wife names, rants at the camera and finally storms out of the house? Can this couple change how they react to each other, in order to get the marriage they want? Back in the house, tension runs high as Amanda and Tara engage in a confrontation in the kitchen … over spaghetti sauce. Plus, Tara and Scott go on their first romantic date, but the honeymoon period doesn’t last long.

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          July 27, 2007

          Adoption Scams, Part 2

          The story of Marie, Crissy and Jen continues. These three potential adoptive mothers were scammed by Melissa, a woman who claimed to be pregnant with a child meant for them. When the baby turned out to be a fraud, they say they and several others were left with nothing but a handful of lies and a nursery full of heartache. Melissa agreed to meet Crissy face to face, but can Dr. Phil convince her to give the same satisfaction to her other two accusers? Follow what happens when Melissa succumbs to an emotional meltdown. Plus, having been badly burned in their efforts to adopt, what’s next for Marie, Crissy and Jen? Can they ever build enough trust to enter the adoption arena again? Hear what Dr. Phil thinks they should do. Plus, find out what happened to another couple desperate to adopt after the Dr. Phil show gave their efforts a little boost.

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          July 26, 2007

          Adoption Scams, Part 1

          Dr. Phil explores one of the cruelest cons in America: adoption scams. Couples hoping, wishing, praying to have their own child, become easy targets for heartless con artists who pose online as birthmothers. Meet three women who wanted nothing more than to hold a newborn child in their arms. Instead, they say they were misled, lied to and left devastated by a woman who claimed to be pregnant with a baby meant for them. Now Marie, Crissy and Jen might have a chance to confront Melissa, the woman who deceived them. With the help of private investigator Harold Copus, they track her down, and even Dr. Phil is shocked by what happens when they find her, including their close encounter with a man and his shotgun. When Melissa sits down with Dr. Phil to tell her side of the story, will her victims finally get their chance to confront her face to face?

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          July 25, 2007

          "What Would You Do?"

          How ethical are you? Many people believe they would do the right thing when confronted with a dilemma, but what happens when the line between right and wrong becomes fuzzy? Mylissa says that after a bitter breakup the right thing to do is get revenge, so she created a Web site where women learn tips and ideas on how to get back at an ex. But did this Web site really help her get over her ex? You won’t believe what she says! Then, Heather says her best friend, Roza, is sneaky and will do anything to save a buck. Roza has even asked Heather to participate in shady activities. Roza says it’s a game, and it’s fun. What does Dr. Phil think? And, the Dr. Phil show hits the streets of New York City to conduct its own social experiments and find out how honest people really are. Hidden cameras catch unaware people in action. Will they return extra money to the cashier? Stop a shoplifter in action? Help a woman who’s being yelled at by her boyfriend? Or tell a woman her thong underwear is sticking out of her pants? Don’t miss the shocking results! Tune in to see how people really act when they don’t know the cameras are rolling.

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          July 24, 2007

          Secret Love

          In a marriage, an affair is the ultimate betrayal. But imagine finding out that your husband was cheating on you with your sister! Bettie says her husband, John, destroyed her trust when he had a six-month relationship with her sister, Molly — an affair that occurred in Bettie’s own house. John says his act of infidelity happened nearly two years ago, and he’s over it, but he doesn’t understand why Bettie just can’t let it go. Then Molly, who has been watching backstage, joins her sister and brother-in-law. Find out why Molly says John is not the man Bettie thinks he is. Plus, Bettie’s mom, Virginia, overheard a secret phone call between Molly and John and says she doesn’t know why Bettie married John in the first place. Will Bettie’s lingering feelings of betrayal and mistrust destroy her relationship with her sister? Will she be able to forgive her husband and move past his affair?

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          July 23, 2007

          The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp, Part 3

          Three couples continue an intensive workshop with Dr. Phil, in a last-ditch effort to save their marriages. After almost getting kicked out of the house, Nic and Amanda sit down with Dr. Phil to discuss their biggest issues: their falling out with Nic’s mother, Amanda’s job as an exotic dancer and the affair she’s been having with a patron. With surprise visits from his mother and the man sleeping with his wife, Nic struggles with his emotions. Can he get everything on the table and find some closure? Will Amanda tell the other man that it’s over for good? Then, Cherie watches from another room as her husband, John, talks with Dr. Phil, but it’s not long before she becomes outraged by what she hears. She joins the men to tell her side of the story. Plus, does an unexpected visit by Cherie’s mother make John pack up and leave?

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          July 20, 2007

          Fifty and Fabulous!

          Aging used to be a word that made women cringe, but now 30 is the new 20, and 40 is the new 30. Along with his wife, Robin, Dr. Phil talks to fantastic 50-something women! Donna is 52 and says her 22-year-old son, Anthony, disapproves of her frequenting the same clubs he goes to. Anthony says his mom likes to stay out until 4:00 in the morning, date guys his age and wear revealing clothes. Will Anthony learn to accept his mom’s lifestyle? Then, Dori says she’s clueless about fashion. She wears jeans and a ponytail every day, and has only bought two new outfits in 20 years! Robin and fashion expert Cojo come to the rescue! Plus, the big prize winner in Robin’s “50 and Fabulous!” search is revealed, and Dr. Phil and Robin honor an inspiring woman who helps ailing children of war.

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          July 19, 2007

          Identity Theft

          Having a stranger steal from you is bad enough, but what happens when your own flesh and blood does it? Ricky and Ray say their brother, Robin, has been stealing their identities for years. Robin has used his older sibling’s ID to open lines of credit, rent a mobile home, and he even attempted to buy a Harley! Worst of all, they say Robin used their names when he was arrested, causing warrants to be issued for them. The problem is so out of control that Ricky’s fiancée, Robyn, is worried about taking his last name after the wedding, for fear of being mistaken for Robin. The brothers want to confront their younger sibling but haven’t been able to locate him. With Dr. Phil’s help, the confrontation finally takes place. This is a showdown you don’t want to miss! Plus, identity theft can happen anywhere … even at your job. Dr. Phil wants to see just how easily this fraud occurs, so staff members do a little snooping around the Dr. Phil offices at night to see what personal information they can find. You won’t believe what they dig up!

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          July 18, 2007

          Fatal Attraction?

          Everyone wants to be loved, but what happens when being the object of someone’s affection turns creepy or even fatal? Celebrities are not the only targets — stalkers can be found in any neighborhood and town. Michelle says her ex-boyfriend, Melvin, is obsessed with her, and she fears for her life. Melvin admits he constantly thinks about Michelle and can’t live without her in his life, but he says he gets mixed messages from her. Find out the extremes Melvin has gone to in his relationship with Michelle, and why his actions prevented him from coming to Los Angeles for the taping of the show. And, why does Dr. Phil tell Michelle she’s playing with fire? Then, Katrina has been infatuated with rap star, Jay-Z, for the last three years. She sends him 200 e-mails a day, has called him over 300 times and has even tried to befriend his best friend and sister. She is convinced that if Jay-Z met her, he would want to be with her, but is she willing to risk jail time just to get close to him? And, meet a Hollywood actress who was stalked on the big screen … and then in real life. Why does she fear her stalker may strike again? And, find out the strong message she has for Katrina.

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          July 17, 2007

          The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp, Part 2

          An intensive workshop continues in The Dr. Phil House as three wives turn in their husbands to Man Camp in a last-ditch effort to save their marriages. After Scott refuses to clean up a mess in the house, he has an angry discussion with Dr. Phil and storms out. Can his wife, Tara, convince him to give the experience another shot for the sake of his marriage and his family? Then, John and Nic roll up their sleeves and begin to clean the house, while their wives secretly watch in amazement. Will the men have a new appreciation for what their better halves do on a daily basis? Plus, Dr. Phil sits down with Nic and Amanda. What did they do to nearly get kicked out of The Dr. Phil House? And will Amanda agree to bring in the man she’s been having an affair with, so she can tell him in front of Dr. Phil that it’s over, once and for all? Don’t miss Part 2 of this five-part series!

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          July 16, 2007

          The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp

          Meet three women ready to divorce their controlling and chauvinistic husbands. In a last-ditch effort to save their marriages — and their sanity — Tara, Amanda and Cherie turn in their husbands to Dr. Phil’s Man Camp, an intensive week-long stay in The Dr. Phil House designed to give them an attitude adjustment and a new appreciation for their wives. Scott has anger issues, Nic had an emotional affair, and John thinks he’s superior to all women. Because the wives are also guilty of everything from name-calling to cheating, Dr. Phil brings them to Los Angeles too, unbeknownst to their husbands. All the women say they are tired of being treated like maids, so while the husbands are away, the wives mess up The Dr. Phil House — in spectacular fashion! Years of pent-up frustration leave the house in a colossal mess. When the men see the destruction and learn it is their time to clean, tempers flare. One husband refuses to participate and demands an explanation. After a heated discussion, he hangs up on Dr. Phil and storms out, leaving his heart-broken wife behind. Can she convince her husband to return with a participative spirit, or is this the end of their stay … and their relationship? Don’t miss Part 1 of this five-part series!

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