Esther’s parents say their beautiful 38-year-old daughter is nothing but a miracle. Six years ago, doctors removed a tumor the size of a lemon from her brain, and Esther had to relearn how to do everything, from walking and talking to taking a shower. It took three months, but she made a full recovery. But years later, Esther says she was having full blown panic attacks that were so debilitating they prevented her from living a normal life. Esther’s father, Dave, says he had to become her full-time caretaker and moved into her tiny studio apartment, while her mother, Mary, says she shared the burden with her ex-husband. But after a year of living together and dealing with her parents, Esther says she's sick of being treated like a child. Dr. Phil discovers the root of Esther’s anxiety. Plus, Fox NFL reporter Jay Glazer shares his personal story of battling anxiety and depression that he calls “the gray.”

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