1000 Celebration Continues! 1001!: Kim and David

Dr. Phil's Number One Fan!
"Hey, Dr. Phil. My wife doesn't know that I'm going to surprise her with tickets to your 1000th Show. She's going to be so excited," says David, who's carrying a bouquet of balloons and a bottle of champagne. He walks upstairs to his house. "Surprise," he yells as he enters and greets his wife. Handing her the balloons and a piece of paper he says, "It's for you. Dr. Phil. You got tickets to his 1000th show."

Kim jumps up and down with excitement. "I am speechless!" she says. "I w
on't sleep tonight."

David says Kim watches Dr. Phil daily, sometimes twice a day. "She dreams about Dr. Phil," he says. "Sometimes, she talks in her sleep. It's like she's replaying some of his programs."

"Or, actually solving the problem overnight," Kim adds.

David points out that when he was in Iraq, he read
Dr. Phil's books. "After reading them, I would pass them on to other soldiers," he says.

Kim, a substitute teacher, shares Dr. Phil's words with her students. "I have found it very useful to use Dr. Phil's Life Strategies in my teaching," she gushes. "I am Dr. Phil's number one fan!"

Dr. Phil asks David and Kim to join him onstage. Kim, giddy with excitement, swings her arms and hugs Dr. Phil.

"What do you think about being here?" Dr. Phil asks Kim.

"Aaaaahhh!" she yells as she jumps up and down.

Dr. Phil takes Kim and David backstage so they can experience the entire show. As they go through a back door, Dr. Phil points to a mock brick wall and says, "We've just got something else that we wanted to share with you. A little surprise."

A green Ford Escape Hybrid, driven by Jay Leno, zooms through the wall. Kim screams in excitement. "This is your car. We're giving this to you," Dr. Phil tells her.

"Green is my favorite color!" Kim exclaims. "Aahh!" She gets in the car, giggles and tears well in her eyes.