1,000 Women: Breast Requests

"Dr. Phil, I look like I'm 16 years old," says Nicole, left. "I even use my super long hair to divert attention away from my chest. I call myself Nicole Two Backs. When I walk down the street, I just want people to know the difference between the front and back of me. Help!" 

"Dr. Phil, I miss my old breasts," says Carrie Ann, middle. "Before I had my kids, I really had nice breasts. I should be wearing an A cup, but I wear a B cup because I have excess skin. Pushup bras, padded bras, whatever bras, it doesn't matter when your boobs look like shriveled up raisins. Dr. Phil, I desperately need surgery!"

"Dr. Phil, my boobs suck," says Kari, right. "After losing over 60 pounds, I went from a size D to a size B. I worked really hard to lose all that weight and it just seemed to backfire because now my breasts look awful. I'm way too young to have my grandma's chest ... I want my boobs back!" 


Dr. Phil explains that there are right reasons to want to change some element of your body, and there are wrong reasons. For example, breast augmentation won't change their personality or who they are. After hearing the reasons why the women want breast augmentation, Dr. Phil informs them that Dr. Gerald Minitti, a board certified surgeon

based in Beverly Hills, has agreed to do the surgery for all of them. However, he will first screen them completely to determine whether they are indeed proper candidates.


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