Six Years of Memories

After six years of incredible shows, Dr. Phil's list of favorites is long. Take a look back at shows like: Dr. Phil's First Show, 1,000 Women!A Family Divided, The Dr. Phil House, Reunited, Hurricane KatrinaThe Dr. Phil Phone Scam, Shocking Accusations, Brandon's Intervention, and Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge Finale.


"When people write me, when they reach out, they want help," Dr. Phil says.


Executive Producer Carla Pennington adds, "The only reason they come, the only reason, is for Phil. They want his help. They truly, truly want his help, and you can see that in their eyes."


"My viewers hold me to a very high standard, and anything we do on this show, we better do it right. We better do it straight. We better do it honest, and it better meet the standards that they're looking for," Dr. Phil says.  

Over the years, Dr. Phil has made quite a few animal references. Here are some of Dr. Phil's favorite animalisms.


"This is like killing a mosquito with a 12-gauge shotgun."

"Kickin' and floppin' like a fish."

"She's on me like a duck on a June bug."

"That dog don't hunt with me."

"I'm a pretty good judge of horse flesh."

"Faster than a chicken with his feathers on fire."

"If you can't run with the big dogs, don't get off the porch."

"You'd be better off trying to baptize a cat."

"You haven't got any more idea than a goose on how to get from where you are to there."

"You can put feathers on a dog. That don't make it a chicken."