1000th show: Memorable guests

Memorable Guests

Some of Dr. Phil's most memorable guests share congratulations with him.


A Family Divided

"Hi, Dr. Phil," says Nathan, Alex's son. 

"Thanks to all the viewers. We really appreciate all your care and support," Erin says.

"Thank you, Dr. Phil, [for] what you've done for me, personally, and my family," Marty adds. 

Erin, Marty and Katherine say, "Congratulations, Dr. Phil, on your 1,000th show."



Weight Loss Challenge

"I just wanted to thank you for literally saving my life," says Monika, as she walks on a treadmill. 




"Hey, Dr. Phil. Congratulations on your 1,000th show," Brandon says. "Last time you saw me, I was in jail. Well, they let me out. I'm doing well now, and I just wanted to say congratulations."




"Because of your advice and guidance, which truly changed my life for the better, I no longer have a spending addiction," Rod shares with a smile.

Dr. Phil addresses Rod, who's sitting in the audience. "So, you're doing well," he says.

"I couldn't be doing better, and I'm thrilled to be here again," Rod replies. "I'm very happy."

"Look at you," Dr. Phil says to Monika. "Stand up and let everybody
see Monika from the Weight Loss Challenge. Oh, my God."

Monika says that she lost 55 pounds while participating in the Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge four years ago. "I have kept it off," she says proudly. "It's the easiest thing I've ever don
e since you taught me the keys."

"Once you get into the flow, it's just part of who you are," Dr. Phil adds. "What an inspiration she was to everybody around the country, seeing you step up and do what you did. I thank you for touching so many people's lives."

Dr. Phil shakes Brandon's hand and says, "You and I have been down some dark roads. Haven't we?"

"We sure have," Brandon agrees.

"As you said, the last time we talked, I was visiting you in jail down in Houston, and I saw something in your eyes th
ere that I hadn't seen before, and you're living it now, right?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes, sir," Brandon replies. "I've held down a job now, for the first time constantly, for a year, working 55, 60 hours a week."

"This was the first actual live intervention ever done on television," Dr. Phil says, referring to Brandon's first appearance on the show. During that show, Brandon walked offstage and waved his middle finger at 
Dr. Phil. "He has had the courage to come back, and look us in the eye and deal with every up and down through your life," Dr. Phil says. "You touched an awful lot of people."

Brandon smiles and apologizes for his previous inappropriate act.