17 Day Diet Challenge: Meet the Challengers

The Competition Heats Up
Thousands of viewers wrote in to the Dr. Phil show to participate in the 17 Day Diet Challenge. Dr. Phil announces the seven contestants who will compete with Clint, Kim and Bekki.
Meet the challengers!
Dr. Travis Stork, host of the Emmy Award-winning show The Doctors, joins the show, and he and Dr. Phil announce their plan to shake up the competition! The contestants are broken up into two teams: Team Dr. Phil, which consists of Bekki, Kim, Brad, Amanda and Tom, and Team Doctors, comprised of Clint, Tracy, Chanel, Joni and Kristina.
Dr. Phil explains the rules of the 17 Day Diet Challenge:
1) The winning team will be determined by the highest percentage of total combined weight loss after three 17-day Cycles of the diet.
[AD]2) The individual winner will be the person who loses the highest percentage of weight.
3) All weight loss must occur solely by following the 17 Day Diet, combined with exercise.
To get the Challengers excited about slimming down, Reebok will supply them with matching fitness apparel.
The teams head backstage to change into their Reebok gear, and the competition begins!
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Dr. Phil explains that the 17 Day Diet Challenge isn't just about looking great on the outside; it's about helping the contestants reduce the incidence of diabetes, heart disease and other life-threatening conditions.
"These are the silent killers that we don't think about " [high] blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease that you mentioned," Dr. Mike adds. "It's not just about the image; it's what's going on inside."
"When you say this is about rapid results, that's a positive thing. It's not just some fad diet," Dr. Phil observes.
"The newest research shows, without a doubt, that the quicker you lose it, the more likely you are to keep it off," Dr. Mike affirms.
The Challengers face off again for a food challenge! Who'll be declared the winner: Team Dr. Phil or Team Doctors?
[AD]After the competition, Dr. Phil turns to Amanda. "How did you get in this position?" he asks.
"I call it the ‘Fat Girl Syndrome.' From when I was little, I was made fun of. As I grew up, I just built these walls and didn't really care for myself," she explains. "I didn't feel good about myself."
"The truth is, you've battled this even at a very young age," Dr. Phil sympathizes. "What do you say to yourself when you're a kid, and you go home at the end of day, and people have been throwing food on your plate and saying, ‘Oink, oink, oink'?"
"I would come home crying to my mom, and she would try to talk to me: ‘It's OK. You're better than that,' but it still hurts," Amanda responds tearfully. 
Dr. Phil addresses Amanda's best friend, Kristina. "You got injured, right? You got hit by an SUV," he notes.
"I was in a leg brace for five months. I couldn't walk for five months. I was immobile," she replies.
"How much did you gain during that five months?"
"About 50 pounds."
"I think a really important point to make is you have so many different people here. This diet is for everybody. It's a lifestyle change," Dr. Mike adds.
Dr. Phil introduces nutritionist and personal trainer Robert Reames. Noting that Robert works with Gold's Gym, Dr. Phil says, "They have really transitioned across time to handle families, people of all ages and men and women alike, true?"
[AD]"Right. The goal for Gold's Gym is to reach everybody. And there are close to 700 Gold's Gyms worldwide," Robert answers. He has a surprise for the Challengers. Turning to the two teams, he says, "On behalf of Gold's Gym International, each and every one of you is going to have your own Gold's Gym personal trainer through the entire course of the Challenge!"
Dr. Travis takes his team to their new home: The Doctors studio. Tune in tomorrow on The Doctors to watch the competition heat up!
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