A Dr. Phil Prime Time Special: Caged?: More Interviews

A Dr. Phil Prime Time Special: Caged?: More Interviews

Randall doesn't deny that he has cameras all over his house.

Dr. Phil asks, "Do you have a bank of monitors inside your bedroom where you can watch " "

Randall cuts in to say, "No, it's on one TV, and you can only watch one camera at a time."

Dr. Phil asks if he has a camera aimed at the toilet, and Randall says no, but admits, "I have a camera in the bathroom, yes, and it's only been in there for less than a month."

Dr. Phil asks, "Why the cameras?"

"Jacob abused my son, and that's the reason why I had to put the cameras in there," says Randall.

"He abused him?" asks Dr. Phil. "Or he molested him sexually?"

"He did that," says Randall. "He admitted it."

Dr. Phil tells Randall, "You said that the cameras were there because of the molestation that took place before. 'We want him monitored.' But that son is gone."

Randall replies, "It wasn't just him, I mean, my son, he goes around annoying everybody. It was to protect him from himself, basically, and I got, I guess, into the habit of having to watch things, and it made it easy for me, as a parent, to keep him safe."

Dr. Phil tells Jacob, "[Randall] says the cameras were ordered by the Child Protective Services."

"It was not," Jacob says. "When we showed up to court, he had pictures of the cameras, and he said, 'If this is what it's going to take to get him to come home with me, I'm going to put these cameras up, and I'm going to watch them.'"

"Were you guilty of some wrongdoing?" asks Dr. Phil.

"No," says Jacob.

Dr. Phil asks, "Did you admit to some wrongdoing?"

"I did at the time," he replies.


"I didn't know what to do. I did what Randy told me to do," Jacob explains. "I have no reason to lie and try to stab him. I want people to know the truth."

"Are you telling the truth?" asks Dr. Phil.

"Yes," says Jacob.

"I have asked him if he will take a polygraph about the things that he is saying," says Dr. Phil. "He has said he will. Will you?"

Jacob says, "I have no problem with it."

"Will you pass?" asks Dr. Phil.

"I will. I am telling the 100 percent complete truth."

Dr. Phil  tells Randall, "One of your wife's co-workers has given a statement that says that you locked [your youngest son] in the room, that she was only allowed to see him with your permission for maybe an hour a day and had to stand outside and talk to him through the door."

"No," says Randall, "that's completely false."

"Why was Michelle leaving notes on his door?" asks Dr. Phil.

Randall says she wasn't, but Dr. Phil points out, "There's a note here that says, 'Mommy loves you so, so, so, so much. Daddy does too. Please be good. I promise, if you be good for Daddy you will be very, very happy in a day or two.'"

"It was kind of motivation, kind of a reward. 'If you do well for a couple of days, we'll do something special,' or something like that. She's just very, very loving. That's the kind of person she is. We write notes to each other all the time."

"Are you and your wife close?" asks Dr. Phil.

Randall replies, "People don't understand the kind of love that we have. We think for each other, we " "

"But you don't share a bedroom," Dr. Phil notes.


Randall explains, "We have separate rooms so that we don't get on each other's nerves because she likes to work in the morning; I like to work in the evening. Most of the time, we're still sleeping in the same bed. It's just going to be the bed upstairs or the bed downstairs."

"One of your other sons, Joshua, says you are a loving, caring Father of the Year candidate, says you are a great dad."

"Yes, sir," says Randall.

Dr. Phil asks, "Why does he say that about you?"

"Because I care about him," says Randall. "I do everything in the world for him. I'm kind of a push-over dad. I'm one of them push-over dads that would do anything for his kids."

"Do you think that your youngest son would say the same thing about you?" asks Dr. Phil.


Dr. Phil asks, "Are you a strict parent?"

"I'm a strict parent, but I'm a soft parent," says Randall. "I mean, the kids know how to get around me. Yeah, I try to be strict, but I'm also a softy."

Dr. Phil says he wants Jacob to see some of what his father had to say. He plays a video of Randall describing himself as a push-over dad who would do anything for his kids. As the video plays, Jacob shakes his head.

"That's bogus," he says. "It's not shocking because I'm used to his lies. I'm used to him lying."

Next, Dr. Phil plays a video clip in which he tells Randall some of what Jacob had said.

Dr. Phil: Jacob says you did the same thing to him. Jacob says you locked him in his room"
Randall: No.
Dr. Phil: He had to ask permission to go to the bathroom.
Randall: That's not true.
Dr. Phil: He says, and I quote, "He controlled every aspect of everybody who ever lived in that house..."

On the video, Randall drops his head and laughs.

Randall: No, I didn't.
Dr. Phil: "... I wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom without his permission"
Randall: No.
Dr. Phil: "... I wasn't allowed to do anything outside the home. We had a monitor system throughout the whole house. If I wanted to even do anything like go to the bathroom or get a drink, I had to page him and get his permission."
Randall: No, the cameras were there so that I could watch it. There's no reason for him to have to ask me.

Dr. Phil asks Jacob, "What do you say to that?"

"It's not shocking to me that he would deny anything that I say," he says flatly. "That's the way it was in the house. Anything I said had to be a lie because it was coming out of my mouth."

"Should your father go to jail?" asks Dr. Phil.

"I believe he should," Jacob replies.

"And Michelle?"

"Yes," says Jacob.

"He's locked up," says Dr. Phil. "He has to get permission to do anything. He's living what you allege he did to you and your little brother."

"Since it happened to me," says Jacob, "I think it's right for it to happen to him."

"You don't really consider him Dad, anymore, Father," says Dr. Phil.

"No," Jacob says, "he will never, in my mind, be anything other than Randy."


Before Jacob moved in with his father, he had been living with his mother. Dr. Phil asks why he moved.

"Because I didn't know that he was that kind of person," he says. "He promised me lavish gifts, and, yeah, at first it seemed like a great deal. Give me a go-cart, yeah, this is awesome. And then I got taken out of school, and that's when everything stopped."

"If he's watching this, what do you say to Randy?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I don't really have anything to say to you," Jacob says, looking squarely into the camera. "You do what you did, you hurt me, but I'm over it now. You're not my dad, you're not my father. You never will be. You never treated me like a son."

Dr. Phil asks, "If your little brother is watching this right now. What would you say to him?"

"I'm sorry for what he did to you," says Jacob. "If I could take it back, I would. If I could take it for you, I would." He removes his glasses as tears well in his eyes. "But I can't do that. I don't know what he's told you about me, but I'm not a bad person." He pauses, fighting back his emotions. "I love you, and that'll never change. No matter what Randy says."

Resuming his conversation wtih Randall,

Dr. Phil says, "If you can find better tools to manage this young man; some medical help, psychological help, school, vocational help?"

"I would completely accept it," says Randall.

"Then you would embrace that rather than the strategies that you've used in the past?"

"Absolutely," says Randall. "That was the only alternative that I could think of in an arrested judgment situation. It was something that I felt would be a fix until I could find something else."

"Is it a fair statement for me to say that what you want everyone to understand is that you love that boy?" asks Dr. Phil.

"I love him with all my heart," says Randall. "That's my right-hand boy."

Dr. Phil says, "I hear you saying that you love your son, and you never meant to hurt him."

"Dr. Phil, I would do whatever I had to do to get my family back together," says Randall. "It's killing me. It's killing me to sit in jail with my wife two floors down, and I can't even talk to her, I can't even look at her, I can't even hold her. Without admitting to making mistakes, I would do anything, and I would follow anybody to get my family back together. I feel like I've been convicted already. My bond has been set at a million dollars. I've been convicted before I've even been tried."