A Family Affair, Part 2: The Mistress
Dr. Phil continues to take an in-depth look into the aftermath of an affair.
The mistress called the producer of this show, Julie, to give her side of the story. They've had several conversations. Julie recaps: "Some of the things she said were: She and Ed were friends first for three years and all he talked about was how unhappy his marriage was. That was how she said she justified having an affair with him. She never felt good about being with a married man. She felt bad she slept in Kandi's bed when Kandi was visiting her dying father. She believes Kandi is trying to cause problems by sending her text messages that say, 'I feel bad for your poor child for having a mother like you.' She says Kandi sent her another text message saying, 'Ed won't leave me, even if you have triplets.'"
Kandi denies sending her any text messages.
Julie continues: "She said she's never asked Ed to leave Kandi."
Dr. Phil points out an inconsistency in that statement. "She told Ed, 'You can't have your cake and eat it too. Make a choice.' Is that true?"
Ed agrees.
Julie continues: "She said if it comes down to it, she will have Ed give up his paternal rights and she'll raise this child by herself. She says that Ed makes her out to be a temptress and she says that's not true. That he calls her and says, 'I need to see you, I love you, I'm in love with you.' She hates that Ed lies about her to Kandi. And she says that Ed has problems and that this won't be his last affair. And then lastly, she said that Ed is different when he's with her. He laughs, he jokes, he's free and it's different from his relationship that he has with Kandi."
Kandi is outraged. "How the hell does she know how he is with me? What is she living at my house or something? How does she know how he is with me? ... We had some fun at the beginning of our marriage. She doesn't have three kids to deal with and compete with and ... she lives with her mom," she says quietly, and the audience laughs.
Ed acknowledges his wife's sassiness: "She came with her A game today."