A Family Affair
Portrait of Chris and Stacy's family tree.
Michael, Stacy's oldest son, has been a constant source of stress for the family. Dr. Phil comments that Michael hates to share Stacy and she rewards his behavior by putting him on a pedestal for wanting to be with her all the time.

"Let's look at the facts," begins Dr. Phil. "You've got one brother that he doesn't like, Braeden. So he started beating on him and you shipped him off to his dad. Then you've got another new brother that's born. Shipped him off, got him gone. He doesn't like Chris and he's got you siding with him every time. That's three," points out Dr. Phil.

Continuing, he says, "He's now working on Chandler because if he beat on the last one and you shipped him off, if he starts beating on Chandler, what's he going to predict there? That you'll ship him off, too?"

"That makes perfect sense," remarks Chris.

"He's systematically eliminating the men. And he's got you home 24/7. That's sick, Stacy," says Dr. Phil.

Michael tells Dr. Phil that he's not in school currently because he got expelled.

Dr. Phil asks Michael the reason for his expulsion, and Michael responds, "Me and my friends were goofing around and I lifted up a girl's shirt."

"Well, that's pretty severe," remarks Dr. Phil. "It wasn't just for that one thing though, right?"

Michael adds that he has other problems at school such as displaying aggressive behavior and being rude to his teachers.