A Family Divided: Delivery Day!

A Family Divided: Delivery Day!
Alexandra has her baby and the family reacts!
Now that Nathan has arrived, Dr. Phil sits down with Martin and Erin to see how they're doing.

Dr. Phil asks Erin what she felt after she gave birth to Alexandra.

"Unconditional love," she responds.

"Do you think that's what Alex felt tonight?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Absolutely," says Erin.

"I don't think a pack of wolves could get that baby away from her. She's your daughter," says Dr. Phil. "And I see something different in you now. You're dealing with this from the heart instead of the head."

Then, addressing Martin and Erin, Dr. Phil says, "I think it's clear that there is a new member of this family. You two were on different sides of this issue [about Alexandra keeping the baby]. Are we now on the same side?"

"Yes we are," says Erin.

Dr. Phil tells Martin and Erin that they face three specific challenges:

#1: They must relate to Alexandra in a way that gives her absolute, unquestionable, unconditional support and yet doesn't take over and render her mute.

#2: They must pay close attention to Katherine who is doing poorly in school and is very distracted. "I think her perception is that she's going to be a distant second," says Dr. Phi.

#3: They must attend to their marriage. "What happens with you as a couple impacts what happens with Alex and the baby and it impacts Katherine's base of operations. If the marriage disintegrates before their eyes, they both go tumbling out of control," he says.

Then Dr. Phil meets with Alexandra. "What did you think and feel the first time you saw Nathan?" he asks.

"The first time I saw him I couldn't stop crying," says Alexandra. "I felt all this joy ... it was the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world."

"You're a mom now ... are you concerned about anything?" asks Dr. Phil.

"I'm still just really worried about the situation with the father of the baby," Alexandra replies.

"Do you want him to have a role in this baby's life?" Dr. Phil asks.

"He does things that I'm not OK with," she says. "Babies learn from their atmosphere and I don't want him to grow up with that."

Before he leaves, Dr. Phil holds little Nathan and says, "Welcome to the world."