A Family Divided: Delivery Day!

A Family Divided: Delivery Day!
Alexandra has her baby and the family reacts!
In a painful letter written directly to Dr. Phil, the baby's paternal grandmother expresses her sadness and frustration about how her family is being perceived. She tells Dr. Phil that she hopes that the baby will be someone for her son to love throughout his life.

Dr. Phil clarifies that his producers offered the father and his family the opportunity to be part of the show, but they refused. Pointing out that it was not his intention to tell a one-sided story, Dr. Phil encourages the family to share their thoughts on the show.

Dr. Phil gets the family's reaction to the letter:

"I didn't know that babies had to have jobs," says Alexandra. "It's not Nathan's job . . . to be someone for
[the father] to love."

"[The father] did donate the sperm, so if he steps up to the plate that's great," says Erin.

"I totally agree with my wife," says Martin. "I think it's the mother that wants more time with the baby than [the father] does."

"I just think that [the father] didn't deliver the baby, my sister did," says Katherine. "I think it's ultimately up to my sister if she wants the dad to see Nathan."

After bringing the baby home, Alexandra took him over to visit the father and his family.

"We're not adverse to them visiting," says Erin. "We do want the grandparents to participate."