A Family Divided: Delivery Day!

A Family Divided: Delivery Day!
Alexandra has her baby and the family reacts!
As the family adjusts to life with the baby, they are also getting used to Alexandra's extreme mood swings which are a result of shifts in her hormone levels after giving birth.

"Alex, you are clearly going through some really powerful changes," says Dr. Phil.

"She's a little more sensitive ... when people say things, I think they affect her a little bit more than they did before," says Erin of Alexandra.

Erin tells Dr. Phil that she has to remind Martin and Katherine to watch what they say around Alexandra.

"Your body was producing a lot of reproductive hormones to support this baby and then, bam! They shut down," Dr. Phil says to Alexandra.

Addressing the entire family, Dr. Phil adds, "There's so much going on [with Alexandra], that we really have to be patient."

Dr. Phil then reminds the family that it's important to keep arguing around the house to a minimum.

"I think sometimes it's easy to say, 'This baby's only a few days old, he doesn't know what's going on around him,' but if there's stress and tension in this family .... the baby feels that and it will shape the baby biochemically, it will determine the personality of the baby to a large degree. There is so much affecting this baby right now."