A Family Divided: Erin Explodes at Alex: The Dive

Alex's Passion
Dr. Phil talks to Erin and Alex about their diving trip to the Caymans.

Even though their trip got off to a shaky start, Alex and Katherine were still able to enjoy their first underwater diving experience in the Cayman Islands.

Erin stayed on the boat while Dr. Tom Burns, a biologist at the Cayman Marine Lab, instructed Alex and Katherine on how to dive.

"Before the dive, I was kind of antsy," Alex admits. "Then once we were in, I calmed down and it was really exciting."

Katherine also enjoyed the dive. "Tom, the instructor, was really cool," she says. "He was really calm and I felt safe, like if we got in trouble, he would know what to do."

"I was like a kid in a candy store," Alex says. "I think the moment that was just awesome was when the eel swam underneath my stomach and I got to touch it. It was really cool."

She is thankful to Dr. Phil for helping her pursue her dream. "Dr. Phil sent me on this trip to find a passion, to get me into something that I really enjoy. I think it has worked," she says.

"There is a difference between marine biology in a book and in the ocean, is there not?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.

"Oh, yeah!" she says.

"If you really are interested in something, you've got to put some energy into it," Dr. Phil says. "You've got to put some effort into it. You've got to decide, 'I have some goals in my life. There are things that I want to move toward.'"

While Erin, Alex and Katherine were sunning themselves on the beach in the Cayman Islands, Marty stayed home and took care of 6-month-old Nathan by himself.


"How did it turn out?" Dr. Phil asks Marty, who is sitting in the audience.

"It was great," Marty replies.

When Dr. Phil asks if Marty enjoyed taking care of Nathan, he says enthusiastically, "I loved it. I did great."