A Family Divided: Katherine's Turn: Jay, Katherine, Erin, Marty

Closing the Gap
Alexandra has her baby and the family reacts!
Continuing their one-on-one, Jay tells Katherine, "You want to feel loved and accepted and right now you're really hard to love and accept."

Jay recommends that Katherine read the chapter on anger management in his book Closing the Gap.

"You need to learn to control that [your anger], Jay says. "I want you to understand that you create your own experience. Based on the way you act, your parents and your sister are going to react to that."

Jay also tells Katherine that she needs to act the age she wants to be treated. "If you want to be treated like a 2-year-old then keep screaming and yelling."

Sitting down with Martin, Erin and Katherine, Jay asks Katherine to tell her parents what she feels she's missing from them.

"What's important to me is being able to spend time with you, really spend time with you because I kind of think that Alexandra gets all of your attention," Katherine says.

Then Katherine tells Martin, "I want to go to lunch with you."

"Why is lunch important?" Jay asks Katherine.

"Because I want to sit down and talk to you," she says to Martin.

When Martin admits that he doesn't know what to talk to Katherine about, Jay tells him to buy four teenage magazines.

Katherine then tells Erin that she wants to do an activity alone with her like going to dinner and the movies. "I want to be able to get to know her better," Katherine says.

Jay then asks Erin to tell Katherine what she wants from her.

"I want you to do chores around the house without hassling me and I do want you to tell me what you're thinking, but I want you to do it in a calm way," she tells Katherine.

"Why is it important for you to know what she's thinking? Jay asks Erin.

"Because I like Katherine," Erin says. "It's not that I just love her, I like her as a person. She's a very neat, wonderful, interesting, funny, likeable person and I just want to know her as Katherine."

"That means a lot to me," Katherine says.

Jay then asks Martin what he wants to see from Katherine.

"I don't want her to call me 'Martin'," he says.

"Martin isn't your dad, 'Dad' is your Dad," Jay tells Katherine. "If you want him to start acting like your dad, call him 'Dad'."