A Family Divided: Katherine's Video Diary

New Beginnings
Dr. Phil sends Alex and Katherine to talk with Jay about boys and dating, plus he has a big surprise for Alex.In her video diary, Katherine shares her thoughts about the advice Dr. Phil gave her, and how she has been trying to change her life.

"I've definitely changed a lot," she says. "I've been doing excellent with my tutor, and I'm getting really good grades. I'm focusing on my friends and not boys. I've been riding my horse again every day."

She explains that she thought Dr. Phil gave her really good advice, and wishes her sister had gotten the same guidance a few years ago. "I think that she wouldn't have gotten pregnant," Katherine says. "It's kind of given me an eye-opening experience."

In an Apple iChat and iSight video conference, Dr. Phil explains to Marty, "I frankly dealt with some issues that I would rather have seen you
having dealt with as her father."

Marty shakes his head in agreement and says, "Fire away."

Dr. Phil tells Marty what he should do to connect with Katherine. "You need to make a date with her, and just tell her, 'Katherine, I want to talk to you about you. I want to talk to you about our relationship. I want to tell you that you are a special young woman. You are so important as part of this family and part of my life. You have a soft place to fall every single day of your life.'"

Dr. Phil explains to Marty that it is crucial for Katherine to get warmth and love from her father, "If she doesn't feel special at home, she won't feel special out in the world and she will compromise and she will settle. It's your job to make her feel special at home."

Dr. Phil ends the conversation saying, "We started a process. You are the one that will continue that process."

"I'll start it today," Marty agrees.