A Family Divided: Marty and Erin's Marriage

Money and Marriage
Dr. Phil goes one-on-one with Marty and Erin.
We placed cameras in Marty and Erin's home to find out what goes on behind closed doors. During a meeting about their finances, Erin tells Marty that she is really angry that he never discusses his finances with her. "This is the last time I'm going to get us out of credit card debt," she tells Marty. "If it happens again, the house goes up for sale and I'm getting a divorce."

Erin thinks that Marty shows a different side when the camera is on. "If it wasn't on freakin' videotape, you'd be down my throat right now," she says on the tape. "You would be stomping around and showing your real self."

Filled with rage, Erin yells at Marty, "I really hate you. I want you to know that. I totally hate you!"

Back in the studio, Dr. Phil asks Marty if Erin's exclamations affect him.

"Sure it affects me," he answers, "but we didn't get in this damn hole just because of me."

Proving that Marty's behavior is decidedly different when he doesn't know that the cameras are on, Dr. Phil reviews a clip of Marty fighting with Erin in front of Alexandra and baby Nathan.

"Now all the children have to suffer because you're angry," Erin says to Marty.

"Because you're an a**hole, that's why," he replies.

In the studio, Dr. Phil reviews Marty's behavior. "You were calling her names," Dr. Phil says to Marty. "What do you expect the outcome to be when you do that?"

"I don't want to talk to her like that," Marty says.

"How do you react when he does that?" Dr. Phil asks Erin.

"I just go farther into my cave," she says.

Dr. Phil asks Marty to predict the future of his marriage.

"I think we'll be together five years from now," he says. "We both come from such a screwed up background that if we just get our stuff together, we'd have a good marriage."

Dr. Phil tells Marty: "If you don't fix Marty and be the man that I know you can be, this marriage will never make it."

Erin agrees that it will not be easy to repair their relationship. "I think it will really take you going to places that you don't want to go," she tells Marty. "I don't want to try anymore if you're not going to be there 100 percent."

Marty and Erin have been married 18 years, but she tells him, "I'm at the door with my hand on the knob ... I can't take anymore ... I will leave."

Dr. Phil reminds Marty and Erin that although they brought a great amount of emotional baggage into their relationship, they have done a lot of wonderful things together such as raising two fabulous daughters.