A Family Divided Part 10

A Family Divided Part 10
Alexandra has her baby and the family reacts!
It is the first time in 12 years that Erin is in the same room with her four siblings and her father.

"How do you think you get along with your family members?" Dr. Phil asks Erin.

"I think I get along with them pretty well," says Erin noting that she has the best relationship with her brother Micheaux.

Do you think you see yourself as others see you?" Dr. Phil asks Erin.

"No," she replies. "A lot of people think that I don't show my emotions well, but I think I do."

Dr. Phil then asks Erin's youngest sister Erika if she thinks Erin is cold.

"Erin definitely has her walls," Erika says. "Huge, probably about the size of a skyscraper."

Dr. Phil asks Erika why she feels so strongly about Erin.

"She's always been very judgmental," says Erika. "It seems like nothing I've ever done has been good enough for her. She's never once said, 'You're doing a really good job Erika.'"

"Is that true?" Dr. Phil asks Erin.

"I think that I have high expectations of everyone that I'm close to, I think Erika especially," says Erin. "She's beautiful and talented and I always thought she could do more and that may have come out as judgmental."

Dr. Phil asks Erin to tell Erika personally and directly how she really feels about her. "What are you waiting for?" he asks. "This is no dress rehearsal. You have to break the cycle because if you don't you lose."

"I'm really proud of you Erika," Erin finally says. "You've done a really good job with yourself and you're beautiful and smart and successful and I love you."

"Is it nice to hear that from your big sister?" Dr. Phil asks Erika.

"To hear her say that is probably one of the best things I've ever heard in my life," says Erika.

"How do you make it right in your mind to withhold things from people?" Dr. Phil asks Erin.

"I guess I was afraid that I would be too soft," she replies.

Erin's brother Jack Jr. helps Dr. Phil prove that she will still be loved even if she shows emotion.

"You're my sister and I care about you very much," says Jack Jr. tearfully.

"You don't leave things unsaid to the people you love," Dr. Phil tells Erin.