A Family Divided Part 10

A Family Divided Part 10
Viewers ask the members of "A Family Divided" their most pressing questions."
Eighteen-year old Allysa asks Katherine about her request to be adopted out of her family.

"If you were really to be adopted, do you think you would be able to give up all of the material things that you have to be able to be part of a more loving and caring family?" asks Allysa.

"I don't think I'd be able to give up all of my material things like riding my horse, but I would be able to give up some of them, like all my fancy clothes," Katherine answers.

"I don't still want to be given up for adoption because my parents aren't the best role models, but they are my role models and I love them."

After listening to Katherine's answer, Allysa tells Dr. Phil, "I am really proud of her, I'm glad that she can accept what she has and I hope that she takes the best out of what she's been given."