A Family Divided Part 2

A Family Divided Part 2
Dr. Phil partners with a family in crisis.

Backstage after the last show, Dr. Phil huddled with the family just as it was beginning to sink in with them that 15-year-old Alexandra may be leaning towards keeping the baby.

"I don't want to find you at 25, 28, 30 years old, living in some ridiculous abusive relationship, three kids hanging on your legs, you never finished high school, you never got to college, which means you have a lot of growing up to do in a short period of time," he told Alexandra.

Trying to uncover Erin's true feelings about Alexandra's pregnancy, Dr. Phil previously asked her: "Are you concerned about her and her life, or are you concerned about what this has done to your pristine image in the community?"

"When I first heard these things that Dr. Phil was talking about, I thought 'That's not me!'" says Erin. But she soon realized that she "avoids looking at the unpleasant things" about herself.

"When Dr. Phil talked about school and how I feel when people talk about my sister, I felt like, 'You're hitting the right buttons,'" Katherine says. "I was pretty surprised when Dr. Phil could understand me a little better than my parents could."

After listening to Dr. Phil berate Martin for playing favorites with his children, Katherine realized that her feelings of neglect are legitimate. She says that last week's show "really drove home some stuff" and was "really eye-opening."

After the first show, Martin let off a little steam. "When Dr. Phil made the statement that keeping the child was for our entertainment, that question made me really angry," he said.
"I would have truly confronted him about that if my family wasn't around me, because I thought that was totally uncalled for," said Martin, who wants Alexandra to keep the baby.
Concerned that people are going to judge her and say she's "a bad person" after being on Dr. Phil's show, Alex went for a long walk to think things over. The family started to worry and place blame.
Erin claims that Martin's harsh words to Katherine made things worse. He told her, "If you weren't so mean to her, and if you didn't tell her you hated her so much, she wouldn't have left. It's all your fault."