A Family Divided Part 4

A Family Divided Part 4
Dr. Phil counsels a couple in crisis.

Thirteen-year-old Katherine shares her thoughts on her sister's decision to keep her baby:

"I think that if we give the baby up for adoption, the baby will be happier and then my sister will be able to go back to school. I don't think my sister is really ready to be a mom. I don't think that she's really preparing herself for this, sometimes I think she's taking it as a joke and not really thinking, 'I'm going to be a mom in less than three weeks.' My mom will probably end up taking care of it all the time and my sister will kind of go along for the ride. It kind of ticks me off. I'll babysit for the baby if my sister pays me, but she definitely has to pay me. If the baby cries and it wakes me up at night, I'll probably be a little grumpy. If I was in my sister's position I would probably give the baby up for adoption."

"You said, 'I think the baby would hurt my relationship with my mom, but I guess that's OK because we're not that close anyway,'" Dr. Phil reminds Katherine.

Dr. Phil aks Erin how that makes her feel.

"To hear her say that is really distressing. I guess she's worried that her overcompensating, enabling and controlling mom is going to leave her behind," Erin says.

"You've felt distanced from your dad too?" Dr. Phil asks Katherine.

Katherine says she has felt distanced from Martin especially after he said that Alexandra was his favorite child on an earlier show.

Dr. Phil asks Martin to consider transferring his commitment to Alexandra's unborn child into his relationship with Katherine.

Martin says he is taking steps in that direction: "I spend as much time with her as I can. I take her riding every day."

"Alex, how have you and Katherine been getting along?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Its kind of nice that she comes to talk to me without feeling like she has to," Alexandra says. "She comes to talk to me about her friends and her boyfriend. It's nice to have that sisterly relationship."

"You have a boyfriend?" Dr. Phil jokingly asks Katherine.

"Yes," she giggles.

"Do you have some sisterly advice for her, Alex?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I guess I kind of feel like it's my duty to protect her as much as I can and give her advice," Alexandra says.

"Even though you argue with your sister," Dr. Phil tells Katherine, "I would think that she has some credibility with you on this issue."

"Yes," Katherine says.

"Like where to draw the line and what to do," Dr. Phil says.