A Family Divided Part 6

A Family Divided Part 6
Alex talks with three prospective adoptive couples.
Alexandra meets with Paul and Tiffany, one of three prospective adoptive couples.

"One of the things we had in common is our love for children," Paul says of his relationship with Tiffany.

The couple tried for two years to have children naturally and then they tried for three years to get pregnant through infertility and in-vitro treatments.

"We are so excited to adopt," says Tiffany. "We will never take for granted ever a day in our lives when we have our children."

Next she discovers why Amee and Doug are looking to adopt. Cancerous tumors on Amee's ovaries forced her to have a hysterectomy several years ago. "Life deals you a different hand than what you're expecting sometimes," she says.

"We know that we want a family, we know that we can provide a child with a strong family environment," says Doug.

"When the time is right, someone will be lucky enough to be with us and we'll be lucky enough to have someone come into our lives," says Amee.

The third couple, Caroline and Benji, have always wanted to adopt a child.

"My father was adopted. If no one had adopted my father, I might not be here," Caroline says. "From all that I've gained in my life, I really want to give back, and one way to give back is through raising kids that are great kids and great people."

"I want children more than I can probably put into words," says Caroline. "The most special thing that you can share with someone is to parent a child."