A Family Divided Part 8

A Family Divided Part 8
Alexandra has her baby and the family reacts!
Now that the turmoil about whether or not there should be a new child in their family has passed, Martin and Erin are forced to focus again on their crumbling marriage.

"Marty and I have really put our marriage on hold ... but my biggest concern is that things aren't really changing between us and they have to change for us to make it," Erin says.

"What do you think is missing?" Dr. Phil asks Erin.

"I think that Marty does enough just to get by," she says.

"Yes, it is true," Martin says. "Understanding what she wants is difficult for me."

Dr. Phil gets both sides of the story by asking Erin about the effort she's been putting into the relationship.

"I've been working on this for a long time ... I want to be a better mother, a better wife, a good grandmom," she says.

The family has said that Martin isn't helping with baby Nathan as much as he should be.

When Erin asked Martin to hold the baby while she and Alexandra got ready to go out, she said that he told her that he would rather drink his tea and read the paper.

Katherine has also noticed that Martin isn't pitching in as he should be.

"I think he should put down the remote to the TV and hold [Nathan]," Katherine says.

Erin reminds Martin that he recently said, "I'm not programmed to anticipate other people's needs."

"I thought that was true," Erin says. "He only does things when people say, 'Hey Marty, do this.'"

Martin agrees with Erin's claim.