A Family Divided Part 8

A Family Divided Part 8
Alexandra has her baby and the family reacts!
After months of silence, the baby's father speaks without showing his face:

"I want to be there financially, mentally and physically in the baby's life. I'm going to do whatever is possible to take care of him.

"I would like to try to be his mentor, to be his role model, to be his father in every aspect of his life. I want the baby to know me both as a father and also as a person that's in his life all the time. Nathan is mine and I'm going to be the best father that I can."

Alexandra responds to the father's thoughts: "When I told him I was pregnant, I didn't hear from him, and then he started calling the last few weeks I was pregnant and it was like, 'Where have you been?'

"If he really wants to provide for the baby, he should get a job! But I don't think he's willing to give up the party lifestyle. I think he's a selfish little twit."

Alexandra tells Dr. Phil how she feels about the father of her baby.

"I think that he's incredibly selfish and immature and I don't think he's willing to sacrifice himself to take care of another life," she says.

"You do understand how important it is for a child to know his father?" Dr. Phil asks Alexandra. "You're not resistant to that in any way, right?"

"No, not at all," Alex says. But two days earlier, in a heated phone call, Alexandra told the father that he couldn't stop by the house to visit Nathan.

"You're not a good person," she tells him. "I'm the one who was pregnant for nine months ... I'm the one who pushed the thing out."

Erin listens to the conversation and then commends Alexandra on staying strong. "Good job," she tells her daughter and then asks, "Who's most important now?"

"Nathan," Alexandra answers.

Erin and Martin share Alexandra's views on the father of the baby.

Erin says: "He was threatening Alexandra late in the pregnancy telling her that she wan't going to be a good mother and that he was going to take the baby away.

"But I certainly can't imagine him waking up three times a night to give the baby a bottle. There is no way that I want Nathan to end up like his biological father."

Now that Martin is attempting to become a better father himself, he believes that he can see what kind of person Nathan's father really is. "The father of my grandson is a very spoiled, immature typical 15-year-old boy," he says.