A Family Divided: Six-Month Checkup: Alex Dating Again

The Family Meeting
The family discusses ALexandra's new relationship
Just a few weeks after Nathan's birth, Alex started feeling like she was missing out on her teenage life, and was ready to start dating. Although she has said that she will be more selective in the boys she dates, her recent choice for a boyfriend has her parents and sister very nervous. They have a family meeting to talk about the situation.

Erin explains, "Alexandra, your dad and I are kind of nervous about you dating again."

The boy Alexandra had sex with while she was pregnant with Nathan has been calling again, and Erin wants to know about their relationship.

When Alexandra explains that they talk about school and friends, Erin reminds her that he has dropped out of school, and Katherine, Alex's 13-year-old sister, mentions that he lays concrete for a living.

Alex responds, "Katherine, let's not go there because you've dated some bad guys too." Katherine says, "Yeah, but I don't have children to worry about."

Katherine makes clear, "Just say if there is another Nathan, I'm moving out."


Erin reminds Alex that now when she dates she has to think about Nathan also.

Alex snaps, "I am not looking for someone to be Nathan's daddy. He has one."

Erin asks Alex, "Do you want Nathan to grow up and be like this person?"

Alex replies, "No."

"Then why do you want to date him?"

Alex explains, "He is a good person, he is nice and he would never, ever, ever hit either Nathan or I."

"So he won't hit you, that's a start."

Alex says, "Mom I'm not going to argue with you about this."

A frustrated Erin says, "Alexandra, I want you to think the whole process through and you're not, and I don't know what to do. This guy is every mother's nightmare."


Katherine shows her concern saying, "He's really mean to you. I know that he makes you upset ... You are very attached to this person ... You can do better than that."

Erin tries to reassure Alex, explaining to her that there are plenty of nice guys out there for her to date.

Alex snaps back, "No nice guys want a kid with a baby."

Marty joins the conversation, "That's not true honey."

Alex defends her decision to be with this boy, "I know that this person really likes me for who I am."

Katherine disagrees, "That's a bunch of crap!"

Erin says, "I think you are being naive. He's not a good choice ... He's uneducated and he lays concrete for a living. He is never going to make much more money than he is making now."

Fuming, Alex replies, "I am not having this conversation with all of you. I've made my decision. I think this guy is a really nice guy ... This is stupid!" She gets up and storms out of the room.