A Family Divided: The Pros and Cons of Motherhood: Alex

What Will Alexandra Decide?
Dr. Phil continues his work with a family in crisis.
Dr. Phil asks Alexandra what she learned from her discussion with the teenage girls who also had to make tough decisions about their babies' futures.

"I think that I acquired information from all three of them which is helping me think about things in my own life and the life of the child," she answers. "All three of the girls had good things to say, not just negative feelings."

"If you were going to trade life situations with one of those three girls, who would you want to trade with?" Dr. Phil asks Alexandra.

"I think all three of the girls have a good life for themselves and I don't think that I could just pick one of them," she says.

"Is there something that stuck out for you on the negative side?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Finding a babysitter is the negative for keeping the baby," Alexandra replies. "I would want to go out on a Saturday night."

"Do you think I want you to put this baby up for adoption?" Dr. Phil asks Alexandra.

"Yes, I do think that you feel that way," she says.

Dr. Phil clarifies his position: "I think you owe yourself, this baby and your family a mature look at both sides of this issue, and I think you're not going down the road of investigating what would be involved with putting this baby up for adoption because you're scared to death that if you take one step down that road you'll be sucked down it and you'll never get a chance to come back. I know that you want to keep this child, at this point that's your decision, correct?"

"Yes," Alexandra says.

"You have these monsters in your head. You have this horrible feeling of how it would be to abandon your child, but I think the person you're most worried about abandoning is yourself...but the truth is, there may be a world out there that is amazingly wonderful for this child. You may meet a family where you'll say 'Could you adopt us both?' You don't know," Dr. Phil says.