A Family Divided: The Pros and Cons of Motherhood: Family Reacts

The Family Reacts to Martin's Story
Dr. Phil continues his work with a family in crisis.

"I love you Marty...we're going to get through this..." Erin says after hearing Martin's painful story.

"I now know that my dad really wants to raise this child not only because it's a boy but because he wants to give him something he didn't have," Katherin says about her dad.

"Alex, what have you learned about your dad today?" Dr. Phil asks.

"For him to be such a good person with the background that he came from, it makes me really proud of him," she answers.

"How does it feel to hear that from these two girls?" Dr. Phil asks Martin.

"I'm so proud of them and truly sorry for the hell I've put them through," Martin explains tearfully.

"Is it possible...that this is your time to have a beautiful life and a beautiful marriage and a beautiful family?" Dr. Phil asks Martin.

Martin nods in agreement as Erin says, "It's really comforting to hear you say that it's our time. I just want to say thank you for helping us."

Dr. Phil then addresses Katherine, who has still been having trouble connecting with Martin. "What do you want from your dad?"
he asks.

'I want him to be there for me," she replies. "I want him to talk to me about friends and about school and don't want to argue."

"Do you have any idea how many tens of millions of parents in America would love to hear their teenage daughter say that?" Dr. Phil asks Martin.

"I do get that," Martin answers. "It's very difficult for me to show emotion because I never got it as a child."