A Family Divided: The Pros and Cons of Motherhood: Marty

Martin's Story
Dr. Phil continues his work with a family in crisis.
Dr. Phil meets one-on-one with Martin:

Dr Phil:
Erin is panicked. She thinks if this baby is kept it will destroy this family.

Martin: It's hard for me to give that baby up for adoption because I came from a very dysfunctional stepfather who beat me.

Dr. Phil: If you had the opinion of you that I do, you'd be a foot taller because I see in you a capacity for sincerity and depth and commitment and realness.

Martin: It's tough not knowing who your biological father is.

Dr. Phil: What would you say if he was here right now?

Martin: What happened? Where have you been? Do you ever think about me?...My mother used to tell me, 'You don't need to know who he is, your stepfather is your real father.' Little did she know, he's never been my real father, he's just a guy who beat me up.

"The reason I'm so concerned about you wanting to keep this baby boy is because you want to create some light in this world by giving a young boy what you never got...that boy will grow up with an angel on his shoulder, isn't that exactly what you're thinking?" Dr. Phil asks Martin.

"Yes, it truly is," Martin says.

"I'm not sure that you don't have some work to do first," Dr. Phil says. "Aren't you tired of running? I think you need to see your dad, [in Germany] but you can't go with expectations, what do you think?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I think you're a hell of a guy," Martin says.

Dr. Phil tells Martin that an investigation has found that his biological father passed away two years ago.

"What are you thinking?" Dr. Phil asks.

"That I shouldn't have dragged my feet," Martin replies. "I should have done something while I knew he was there."

Dr. Phil tells Martin that he and his team of producers have located his father's widow and that they were married for 40 years. Though the widow is not well and has not yet agreed to meet with Martin, Dr. Phil suggests that Martin travel to his father's hometown in Germany to visit the gravesite and meet any half siblings or friends of his father's.

"I want you to have every opportunity to fill in the blank spots in your history," Dr. Phil tells Martin.

Martin agrees that he should take the trip to Germany.