A Family Divided: What Lies Ahead?: Katherine

Katherine's Journey
Dr. Phil surprises Katherine by giving her room a new look.
Recalling how Katherine has acted out over the year " that she wrote a heartwrenching letter asking to be adopted out of her family, and also got in a fight with a boy at school " Dr. Phil asks, "Are you keeping boys at arms length?"

Katherine affirms that she is. "I'll say hi to my guy friends and they stay my guy friends."

Dr. Phil asks Marty how his relationship with Katherine is progressing, and Marty replies, "Real good. A lot better."

Katherine counters, "Not really yet, but we're working on it." She
tells Dr. Phil that she and Marty recently went to Disneyland and had some time to reconnect. "I think it was just a good time for him and I to have alone time because we never really get to do it."

"Do you realize that you do have some responsibilities in this relationship as well?" Dr. Phil asks Katherine.

"Definitely," she says. "I've been trying to talk to my dad ... It's just starting with the little things that count."
"How are your grades?" Dr. Phil asks Katherine.

"They're going good. I'm trying really hard to stay up on them," she says, telling Dr. Phil she received an 84 on a recent geography test.

Dr. Phil points out that Katherine has been studying at the dining room table. "How do you do that with everybody going by and talking, and the TV on and Nathan?" he asks. "It's kind of the only place you can do it, right?"

"Or on my bed," Katherine says.

"Well, not anymore," Dr. Phil tells her.

Dr. Phil tells Katherine, "We brought you to California early to spend a day with your dad, but we also wanted to have you out of the way."

He surprises Katherine by giving her room a makeover from Pottery Barn's new line for teenagers, PB teen.

Katherine's room is made over with furniture and bedding from the PB teen catalogue, including a new rug, floor pillows, an orange Moroccan side table, a cable system for her photos and shadow box furniture for her bed, dresser and desk. She now has a place to study, complete with a new computer from Apple.

"So what do you think?" Dr Phil asks Katherine.

Getting emotional, she replies, "Oh my God, I've wanted my room done for, like, ever. Thank you so much."

Erin interjects, "She's had that Pottery Barn stuff taped to her walls in that clutter. It was actually sitting, this dog-eared,

Pottery Barn teen catalogue, sitting on the desk and it's been going on for months."

"Well, you don't need the catalogue now," Dr. Phil says, pointing out that Katherine has a great new study space, equipped with a new computer. "That's from the good people at Apple. It's the 14-inch iBook G4. That is the hot rod of computers."