A Family Divided: What Lies Ahead?: Looking Back

"A Total Miracle"
Dr. Phil talks to the family about their decision to keep Nathan.

Dr. Phil is joined on stage by Marty, Erin, Katherine and Alex. Addressing Alex, Dr. Phil says, "In looking back ... did you doubt at any time along the way whether keeping Nathan was the right decision or not?"

"I think before I had him, definitely, I was contemplating between whether or not I would be the best parent for him," Alex says. "But now I have him and I think that I'm doing pretty darn well."
Alex is not the only one enjoying the miracle of motherhood. When she was still pregnant with Nathan, Dr. Phil advised her to talk to potential adoptive couples to explore all of the options for her baby's future. Alex decided to raise her baby, but Dr. Phil still wanted to help the couples who were looking to adopt, so their information was posted on DrPhil.com.

"The show aired one day, and then the next day we started getting
e-mails," says Doug, who was hoping to become a parent. "It was really a godsend."

He and his wife, Amee, chose a birthmother from the first e-mail they received, and they are now the proud parents of a son, Ashton.

"We just had a real connection," says Doug. "It was amazing. The first time we saw Ashton, I didn't know what to think."

Amee jumps in, "I didn't sleep for a week after he was born. I was so happy and excited. Last year at this time, Mother's Day was coming around and it was very, very hard for me knowing I would never be a mother," she says tearfully. "To have all this happen so quickly, it's just been a total miracle."

They both thank Dr. Phil.
Tiffany and Paul were also hoping to become parents. "When we met with Alexandra to discuss adoption, I don't think that we had any idea that it could come to this," says Tiffany. "Right after the show aired, we ran to our e-mail, and it was the most exciting moment of our life."

Her husband Paul adds, "We knew as soon as we read those first two e-mails. We were looking at each other and we were like, 'Is this real?' We decided to adopt two babies from two separate birth mothers."

They adopted Tatum first, and Taylor came into their lives three weeks later. "Sixty seconds or whatever it was that we were on the show has changed our lives forever," says Paul.

Tearfully, Tiffany tells Dr. Phil, "Because of your words, we actually are sitting with two of the most special, wonderful, wonderful children and we are so thankful."

After watching the taped piece, Tiffany and Paul sit in the audience wiping tears. Paul holds 11-week-old Tatum on his lap, and Tiffany holds Taylor, who is 8 weeks old.

"That is absolutely amazing and those children are beautiful," Dr. Phil says. "One of the things I've always said about this show is we deal with real people in the real world with real issues in real time." He points out how Erin's e-mail about Alexandra's pregnancy affected Tiffany and Paul's journey to be adoptive parents. "So how do you feel about this dad?" he asks Paul.
"It still seems a little unreal," Paul replies tearfully. "Six months ago, we had no idea. We knew God had a plan for us. We weren't sure exactly what it was, and thanks to you and your staff and the show, we have two beautiful, healthy daughters, and just the most incredible experience. It's unbelievable how you've impacted our lives and many others."

"You do realize you are now surrounded by women for the rest of your life?" Dr. Phil jokes. "Those girls own you buddy!"

Dr. Phil congratulates the couple.