A Family Divided: What Lies Ahead?: Marty, Erin

Will Marty and Erin Divorce?
Dr. Phil surprises Katherine by giving her room a new look.
Marty and Erin's rocky relationship has always been a challenge for their family. Ever since his two affairs, they've dealt with the issues of trust, control, lying and deception.

Dr. Phil assigned Marty and Erin exercises from Relationship Rescue to help them plug back in, but after Marty's recent confession that he ran into one of his former mistresses, Erin was ready to call it quits on her 18-year marriage. She told Dr. Phil, "I think I'm done."

Turning to Alex and Katherine in the audience, Dr. Phil asks, "In a perfect world, what would you like to see the relationship between your mother and father be?"

"I just want to see them happy. I don't want to see them arguing anymore," says Katherine. "I want to see whatever makes them happy, and just no arguing, just being a normal couple with two kids and a grandson."

Alex says, "I want them to be normal. I want them to be nice to each other. I want them to love each other, and I want them to enjoy each other's company, and go out on dates."

When Katherine says that she wants her parents to act more like a husband and wife, Alex chimes in, "And have my mom not be the husband and my dad be the wife. Because you know my mom likes to be in control of things." She does admit that Erin has stopped being so controlling and has allowed Marty to take more of a leadership role.

"It's kind of funny because my dad kind of gets nervous when my mom gives him a lot of range," Katherine observes. "She'll give him a lot of free roaming, and he's like, 'OK, what do I do?'"

Dr. Phil points out to Erin and Marty that their daughters are tired of having hostility in the household. He asks Erin, "If you divorce Marty ... do you think your chance of success in marriage would be better with the next guy?"

"Absolutely not. Probably worse," she replies.

Dr. Phil confirms this. "Statistically, your chance of success in your marriage your first time, is like 50/50. Your chance of failing in the second marriage is somewhere between 63 and 68 percent. So if you're going to change partners, and it isn't going to get better, what's that tell you?" he asks.

"If anything did happen to our marriage, I don't know that I'd be actually looking for another partner," Erin admits.

"A big part of you wants to quit, doesn't it?" Dr. Phil asks Erin.

"Oh yeah," she says.

"And you think you've given it your all?" he probes.

Erin responds, "I think that now I can say I am definitely putting a lot more into it than I was even a month ago by trying to change me. I'm pointing that finger back to me and saying, 'OK, when something bad happens, I'm not going to explode and lose control.'"

When Dr. Phil asks Erin how she is going to work on her marriage over the summer, she replies, "I'm going to continue to try and change who I am and see where that leads our marriage ... You said I have to come down and Marty has to come up, and that's what I'm trying to do, come down and get off of that pedestal."