A Family in Crisis: Fired for Good?: Backstage

Dr. Phil's Decision
Dr. Phil continues the work with his family in crisis.
Dr. Phil is pushed to his limit when he and the family head backstage to decide if there is a compelling reason to continue their work together.

Recognizing that she has pushed away everyone in her life, Stacy makes a tearful plea. "I am committed to going through this process and learning to respond differently," she says. "I'm not saying you should tolerate my cussing and frustration. No one should, and that has to stop. But I feel the need to have someone stick through this."

Dr. Phil doesn't let Stacy off so easily. "I have brought every resource; I've done everything I can possibly do to get this family the help that it needs ... We have absolutely moved mountains, and I have never had anyone who seems so condescending and ungrateful for all of the work."

He continues, "You have very toxic behaviors. They've got to change."

Chris, who has expressed some concerns about the process, realizes that his family needs Dr. Phil's help. "If we don't do this together and as a family, we're in for a rougher ride than what we've been on," he says.

Dr. Phil promises that if they end their work together, he will still offer them private counseling, and continue paying for Michael's expenses at Happy Hill Farm. "I will make everything available to you except me," he says. "I'm not going to keep arguing with you ... I'm not a sparring partner. I'm a change agent."

When he asks what Stacy thinks, she replies in tears, "I think I need to make some apologies, and I think I need to do some soul searching. As much as it physically makes me ill to trust, I need to trust in the process ... I can't go through life so hurt and untrusting and unkind ... but I'm willing to do whatever it takes for my family."

Dr. Phil makes it clear that Stacy doesn't always need to agree with him, but she must be honest and committed to change. "Let's roll our sleeves up and do this again with the right attitude," he decides.

Stacy apologizes to Dr. Phil and he hugs her.