A Family in Crisis: Fired for Good?: Drive to Airport

An Attitude Adjustment
Dr. Phil continues the work with his family in crisis.
After taping the backstage talk, Chris and Stacy share their reactions on their way to the airport.

"I regret that I'm so damn stubborn," Stacy says. "I think that I needed to say 'I'm sorry' sooner. I miss out on things because of my stupid attitude."

Chris is relieved to see his wife take some ownership. "I was very shocked, and thought that we were going to basically lose everything," he says. "I would have resented you and felt like, 'You did it. You got your way again.'"

"I still struggle with really trusting anyone," Stacy admits, "and I see how that lack of trust tainted things for me. I responded in such a pessimistic way and basically sabotaged aspects of the process." Tearfully, she says, "I literally feel terror at the thought of really trusting this fully, and so I think the hardest part is just facing that fear and walking into it."

It's not just other people that Stacy has problems trusting. "I don't trust myself," she says. "I've let myself down. I'm constantly questioning myself: 'Am I doing this for the right reason? Am I trying to manipulate the situation here?' Every day, trusting is a conscious effort."

Dr. Phil wants to make sure that Stacy has a new attitude as they move forward. She assures Dr. Phil that she's grateful to still be working with him. "I needed an attitude adjustment," she admits. "I just needed to really realize and appreciate the opportunities before me and face some of my fears."

"So you're leaning forward?" Dr. Phil asks. "Tell me why."

Stacy explains that her family has worked with several therapists in the past, but the results have not been life changing. "We have a lot of great things in our family, but there's some blocks there, and if it's me, no one's told me that. I felt like I knew you could tell me that."

"Well, we got that covered, right?" Dr. Phil jokes.

Turning to Chris in the audience, Dr. Phil asks, "Having stepped back, what do you think about this at this point?"

Chris replies that he needs Dr. Phil's bluntness to provide insight into his relationship with Stacy, and to help him express his feelings to her. Without Dr. Phil's help, he says, their family would probably not be headed in a positive direction.

When Dr. Phil asks Brianne the same question, she answers, "I'm actually excited to work through the problems and get to the good side. I'm glad that we're still in it." In fact, immediately after the last show, Brianne said in her video diary, "The show that we just taped was a turning point. We're all going to do what we can to fix this. My mom and Chris were meant to be together."