A Family in Crisis: Fired for Good?: Stacy's Molestation

Dr. Phil Backstage
Stacy, Chris and Brianne talk backstage about Stacy's molestation.
During the show, while Dr. Phil and Stacy are discussing Stacy's molestation at 14, Brianne takes the news really hard. Stacy notices her crying in the audience.

Immediately after the show, Stacy comforts her daughter backstage and finds out how she is handling the shocking news.

"What was most upsetting for you?" Stacy asks Brianne.

"The fact that you were molested, and that your mom got mad at you for it," Brianne replies. "If I got molested, you would be there for me."

Stacy confirms this. "I will be here for you through anything," she vows.

Brianne tells her mother that she loves her, and they hug.

Chris also reacts to Stacy's molestation. "The one thing that surprised me was Stacy and Dr. Phil taking that step back into her past," he says. "It's my wife, and I literally just want to protect her."

He points out that Stacy has been in an abusive cycle, but he feels the need to shield her from future harm. "It's going to end with me here," he says.