A Family in Crisis: Meet the Family
Dr. Phil talks to Brianne about her mother's affairs and her relationship with Chris.
"I think my mom is a hypocrite," declares Brianne. While washing clothes one day, the 14-year-old found Stacy's maternity pants in the laundry. When Brianne asked if Stacy was pregnant, Stacy admitted that she was, but that Chris wasn't the baby's father.

"As soon as I heard Chris wasn't the father, I was completely devastated," says Brianne. "[My mom] taught me my whole life that I need to stay moral and wait for sex after I'm married and everything and then here she goes breaking all the rules. On top of that, she's giving the baby up for adoption ... I'm very angry with my mom for betraying me and my family."

Dr. Phil asks Brianne if she understands why her family is on the show.

"We have a lot of problems as a family that we need to work out," replies Brianne. "By being on the show, we're going to be able to work through the things we need to."

Dr. Phil also asks Brianne about her relationship with her stepfather Chris.

"I think he needs to learn some parenting skills and he's easy to argue with ... but I love him a lot," Brianne admits.