Extended Family
Chris and Stacy's marital woes and problems with new pregnancy.
On the last show, Stacy and Chris revealed that Stacy is pregnant again with her sixth child.

When Stacy sits down at home with her children to tell them the news, Brianne storms out of the room in anger.

In her video diary, Brianne cries, "I immediately just got this horrible feeling inside and I said, 'Oh no.' I feel like everything is happening so fast. My mom just had Bohdan, just gave him up for adoption, and here she is having another baby. I don't want my mom to have a baby."

Dr. Phil asks Brianne about her reaction to her mom's pregnancy.

"I think it's mostly because my mom just had Bohdan and that was a huge thing, and then she gave him up for adoption," Brianne explains. "I want him. I don't want a new one to replace him."

Dr. Phil responds, "So you're just wondering when it stops. You said, 'It just feels like it's all piling on.'"

Dr. Phil turns to Stacy and Chris: "What I'm trying to do is find the bottom here. I want to start doing what we can, what we have to do to make this family healthy. You can't do this until you have all the cards on the table."