A Family in Crisis: Stacy and Chris Face Off: Stacy, Chris

Marriage on the Brink
Dr. Phil discusses Chris and Stacy's marital woes.
"I feel like my marriage is falling apart at the seams," says Stacy about her relationship with Chris. "Sex is decent and I'm dependent on him financially, but other than that, there's nothing between us."

"I do love her," Chris admits. "Am I in love with her right now? No. If it wasn't for Chandler [Chris and Stacy's 4-year-old son] and for Stacy being pregnant, I can't say for sure I'd be sitting here right now." Still, Chris doesn't believe that divorce is the answer because, for him, it symbolizes failure.

Stacy is trying to make changes in her relationship, and she wants to see some improvement in Chris. "If I go through the Relationship Rescue book and I make the changes I need to make and he is still the same, and there isn't a drastic difference, it's over," she declares.

Dr. Phil asks Chris if he has the energy to work through his marital problems.

"I do feel like I have the staying power," Chris replies. "I might not have it every day, but when I look at the long term, I can do this long term."

"One of the things that that requires is you taking a voice and speaking your mind," Dr. Phil points out. "You haven't done that in the time I've known you. You've just been sitting back ... I started to ask you the last time if you had a ticket stub. Did you buy a ticket to this or are you going to be in the game?"

"I'm in the game," Chris insists.

"Have you told [Stacy] about how you feel? About how and why you got in this mess?" Dr. Phil asks.

Chris responds, "I don't like confrontation. She likes to instigate arguments to try and get me going and my reaction is to pull back."

"In this world, you get what you ask for," Dr. Phil tells Chris. "If you sit around quietly in this marriage and don't say anything, don't stand your ground, don't demand to be treated with dignity, respect, honesty and caring, then that will not happen. It's not about yelling back and forth. It's about standing up and claiming what is rightfully yours."

Dr. Phil asks if Chris will take a stand in his relationship and Chris responds, "I'm willing to do it. I don't know what it's going to take to get me out of the comfort zone I'm in to get to that because it's an uncomfortable place."

Turning to Stacy, Dr. Phil asks if she's ready for Chris to be more assertive.

"As much as it drives me crazy, and I think it will be difficult at first, I do desire for that voice from him," she replies.